Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Toy Review: playmobil Take Along Haunted House and Spooky Friends - Perfect Halloween Gift that Won't Rot Your Teeth!

Have you ever wondered what lurks inside that spooky house down at the end of the street - where shadows dance in the firelight, and wolves howl at the moon? The monsters are there; they are lurking, they’re prowling! This is why I love Playmobil because playing with Playmobil gets my creative juices overflowing, so when I was chosen to review the amazing Take Along Haunted House by Playmobil, I jumped at the chance! 

Playmobil is synonymous with creative free play, fine-tuning fine motor skills, and they are the best when it comes to taking the fun along to Grandma’s house, or even on vacation. The Playmobil Take Along Haunted House (9312) features a spooky scene with 70 pieces that fit perfectly within the neatly folded house. The Take Along Haunted House is the perfect set up for a spooky Halloween scene and promotes open play allowing for hours of ghostly fun! You won’t find an old couch or fancy four-poster bed in this home, it’s more on the lines of mad scientist meets gothic decor. The house itself acts as a nifty case to contain your precious, creepy objects and figures to take to your next haunting. 

Tucked away inside you can place your colonial mad scientist with his Vampire friend and mummified zombie minion to create potions and more sinister crafts. An artisan table with real looking wood grain is adorned with the scatterings of the mind of the mad scientist - glass flasks of red potions, jars of spider legs, and dead fly wings will further add to the mysteriousness of this haunted home. Awaken the vampire from his daytime slumber from his real working coffin that opens and closes. You can also store your tiny pieces in there when you take away your toy, so they don’t pop out when you unlock the case. A trap door in the loft space acts as a great space to catch your next prey - the lurking rats in the rafters. A carefully spun web looms over the rafters in the most ominous of fashion with a big, red spider watching over the scientist do his work. Who knows? Maybe that spider is one of the many monsters that you can find to go with this set!

The other figures sold separately include a vampire with fancy robes and a Frankenstein like character (9307), a mummy, grim reaper, and a spider web (9308), and Wolfman, candlestick, and a witch (9309), and all are for ages four and up and $5.99. These figures and accessories are cheaper than a bag of Halloween candy, and they won’t rot your teeth! The Haunted Take Along playhouse by Playmobil is $39.99 and is geared towards boils and ghouls ages four and up. Buy this set at stores like Amazon and Walmart. 

This set is so much fun to play with, and so simple to put together. Stay tuned for our unboxing video and a really funny, spooky skit! Thank you so much, Playmobil for sending us this amazing set and figures to review. 


  1. Replies
    1. I love the little creepy elements like the spider!

  2. With Halloween coming soon, I need to get this playset!

  3. This is great. My daughter would really love this..

    1. This toy is fantastic! Playmobil continually produces easy to tote toys! I used to find them so tedious, but the play-sets are so awesome! No disagreement there, I'm sure your daughter will have a blast playing with this set, and so will you! :) Thank you for your comment!

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