Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Video and Toy Review: ZURU X-Shot Flying Bug Attack Toy Review

Summer isn’t over yet, and if you’re looking for the best outdoor toy, then look no further, because ZURU’s X-Shot has released the best launching toy ever! With 10 rounds of fast shooting action, blast your darts at the nuisance that is the flying bug that you propel from the base. Each set comes with two semi-automatic blaster guns, 24 projectiles or darts (you get extra because you will lose some!), three bugs, and the bug launcher. The launcher requires four AA batteries to get going. You will also need a screwdriver to open the battery compartment. Once you get going it is non-stop fun and action. This is not for little kids though as the blaster really does shoot far and hurts a bit, and it’s for ages eight and up. Our five year old had some trouble with progressing to the next round, but with some help, he blasted a balloon! 

Single Pack set shown - $19.99

Zuru's X-Shot Flying Bug Attack is the sequel to the ever successful Bug Attack. Flying Bug Attack has going targets that you propel from the motorized launcher. Watch the bugs fly high, and blast them down before they attack! To play load your bug, press on the launcher with your foot (I used my hand - I need a pedicure!), watch the bug fly and shoot it down fast with the new X-Shot Swarm-Seeker blaster that fires 10 darts in rapid-fire succession with a nifty side-loading clip. The sound is so crunchy when you load the Swarm Seeker Blaster and advance the clip, and I do not like guns at all, but this set was just so much fun! 

My husband was so impressed with how this ZURU’s X-Shot Flying Bug Attack was significantly better than the blaster toy he played with when he was a kid. They really do not compare at all, because ZURU’s X-Shot seriously is so precise, and the launcher base included really does launch these bugs far! If you’re looking for a set for target practice, paint the tip of the projectile, ready, aim, and fire, and you’ll have your own make-shift, totally safe shooting range! 

Three bugs and motorized launcher!

There are two variations a single pack or double pack. The single pack includes one Swarm Seeker Blaster, two flying bugs, motorized launcher, and 12 darts for $19.99. The double pack, which is the best bang for your buck includes two Swarm Seeker Blasters, three bugs, the motorized launcher, and 24 darts for $29.99 Available now at Target, Amazon, and Walmart.

Overall, we love this set! X-Shot Flying Bug Attack kept us moving, happy, smiling, and laughing - even in the rain! 

Big thank you to ZURU and XSHOT for sending us this amazing set!


  1. Whoa!! This is too cool! In my family, the older kids would probably be aiming/shooting at each other too 😂😂

  2. woo this looks like a great toy!!! we need this