Thursday, August 9, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Ooshies Perfect for Back to School, Deluxe Vinyl Ooshie Figure at Five Below - Disney/Pixar, Marvel, DC Com

Ooshies are back with a huge collection of your favorite characters from Disney, Disney Pixar, Marvel, DC Comics, and even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! 

We all know and love Ooshies in their miniature form. Ooshies are a great way to dress up a boring number two pencil by simply displaying your favorite Ooshies character on top of the eraser, so add some Ooshies to your back to school list! If you don’t want to dress your pencil, collect all of your favorite characters that are ooshed down to tiny cuteness! Ooshies sent us six 7-packs to open and they included Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3 collections of Disney, Disney Pixar, Marvel Comics, and DC Comics. The 7-packs should be on store shelves already along with 3-packs and blind bags, too. 

The new series are so cool! We got so many fun characters from our favorite movies and television shows. Our favorite is the Disney Pixar collection because we got The Incredibles figures - we just need to find Frozone and Baby Jack-Jack. Inside the Pixar collection was even the iconic Pixar lamp. Among the characters to collect, you’ll find translucent glitter, glow in the dark, flocked, and more. Ooshies are already so much fun to collect, but adding these cool finishes just makes collecting Ooshies even more of a treat. Also with each surprise toy you get a blind box that can be used to store one or two Ooshies. Each container connects to other surprise Ooshie box containers - no matter which series you get, you’ll be able to connect the boxes! My son called them “Ooshie Cubbies.” 

Also new for August 2018 are the new Deluxe Vinyl 4-inch Ooshie Figures where you will find your favorite characters from DC Comics featuring the Dark Knight himself, Batman! You will also see Deluxe Vinyl Ooshies in Disney form with Princess Rapunzel showing off her golden hair in Ooshie form! You can find the smaller Ooshies as well as the new Deluxe Vinyl Ooshies figures at Five Below.

Big thank you to Ooshies for sending us so many wonderful Ooshies to unbox! 

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