Friday, August 17, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Fingerlings HUGS Interactive Plush Dolls by WowWee

Fingerlings Hugs are the new, adorably cute and cuddly plush dolls. The Fingerlings HUGS interact with your little ones by responding to touch, from kisses to cuddly hugs to playtime throws in the air - your kiddo will love this new talking plush doll by WowWee!

WowWee is the masterminds behind the Fingerlings dolls that respond to specific touches and fit on your pointer finger. Now, you can cuddle with a big 30-inch plush that laughs, plays, sings, swings, and naps! Take along your Fingerlings HUGS plush to the store, to bed, or even the zoo! Your Fingerlings HUGS plush has velcro on his hands so they can hang out on your shoulder, or even a stroller. When you give your Fingerlings HUGS doll are a kiss, he kisses back. When he lies down his eyes closed and he gently lulls himself to sleep. Each Fingerlings HUGS loves to swing and be playfully tossed in the air, and with each swing, your Fingerlings HUGS will squeal with delight! They will even repeat what you say in a funny, Fingerlings way! 

Launching this fall in two fun colors - hot pink and bright blue -  the new plush Fingerlings HUGS plush doll is definitely a great addition to your kiddo’s toy box. Bella is the pink Fingerlings HUGS, and Boris is the blue Fingerlings HUGS plush doll. Get it today at Target, Walmart for under $30, and for ages five and up, which makes it a great gift. 

Big thank you to WowWee for sending us this adorable plush to review! We had so much fun with this video! Stay tuned for a more in-depth review on our channel! 


  1. I got my niece a Fingerling for Christmas. She loves it! She would flip over this guy!!

  2. This is so much fun! We found a Boris at Walmart and just had to get him! He's super adorable and we love these Fingerlings Hugs!!

  3. We found Bella today! So cute! :)