Thursday, August 16, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Edna Mode - New Outfit, New Wave - First Look of Edna Mode Incredibles 2 Wave 2 Poseable Doll by Jakks Pacific

With the ever-present need for me to locate wave two Incredibles 2 toys, I bit the bullet and pre-ordered assortments from Entertainment Earth. Then it happened, yesterday there she was -- my favorite fashionista lying down sideways in her box. 

Outfitted with her new movie attire, Edna Mode stands 6" tall in doll form yet she surpasses the heights of the giants of the fashion industry. Her three-foot-tall stance tooled down to a playable size will allow five points of articulation and a closer, smoother haircut for wave two. I compared her to wave one Edna in her original Incredibles movie outfit (ninja sleeve, purple v-neck dress), and I found that I appreciated wave one more. 

Jakks Pacific is rolling out a collection of new wave two poseable action figures, poseable costumed dolls, and die-cast vehicles. Each one different in their own way, I will predict now how hard they will be to find considering Toys R Us is no longer around since TRU was my go-to source for all new toys. I am hoping and praying that the Gods of Jakks Pacific contacts me and says in unison, "Let's collaborate, oh awesome supporter of all products that are Jakks Pacific." And then I woke up. I love you, JAKKS! Love me back! Am I kidding? No. 

Keep checking Target to find Incredibles 2 Wave 2 dolls, figures, and other toys from this amazingly expansive and fun range of toys! Wave 2 Edna Mode was not on file, thus, I am not sure of her actual price, but they charged me $14.99, which seems fair because Wave One Edna Mode is $14.99. 

Far left: Wave One Edna Mode
Center: Thinkway Toys Interactive Edna Mode 2018
Far right: Wave Two Edna Mode

Overall, she's an adorable doll, well detailed with fine features and delicate hands. However, I feel her new dress is way too short, and it is already fraying at the edges. Even though is right on trend for fall, even though we are still fighting the summer heat. I guess you can say, Edna Mode is rushing the season. Right, dahl-ings?

Check out our unboxing video here:

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