Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Video and Toy Review: E-Blox pARTS Starter Set Review with LEGO Incredibles 2 Practice STEAM

E-blox are a collection of metal plated bricks that stimulates creativity, promote curiosity about science, and will make your little one’s imagination go wild! E-Blox sent us their pARTS starter kit to review, and inside we explored circuitry without any wires! The starter kit comes with clear instructions illustrating what makes the e-Blox work, and what will not make the e-blox work. This mom totally disregarded the vital part that said it is necessary to have the small plates connect the LED bricks together in order to run the current. Well, you need them, and it’s important! 

E-Blox pARTS Starter set is $32.99, and it includes a power block that holds one 9V battery (you’ll need to unscrew the compartment), and it includes a variety of different silver plates and connectors. You also get the primary colors to start you off in the form of LED bricks. We had fun piecing the colors together to see the secondary colors “mix” together. With the set there are three projects that you can complete, but it does not include instructions to create these pieces. The illustrations are quite clear to replicate, and considering this toy is supposed to strengthen your STEAM skills, the tasks are open ended to allow full use of every part of your brain. 

My son is five years old, and this set is for ages eight and up. He was fascinated by the light and how we can connect the pieces to create light. He also really liked the fact that you can piece your LEGO bricks on the set. For our video on youtube, we built a robot, which came out really cool. You can also build a heart and a tower with the starter set (not at the same time, you will have to break it down to build the other suggested pieces). There are plenty of ways to be creative. Since there are no wires, you can connect the base to your LEGO creations and use the LED light to illuminate clear bricks, create sirens for a first responder vehicle or even illuminate a fireplace. This open-ended toy will get those creative juices flowing, and may even spark a new love of science, and creating something with your hands instead of swiping at a screen all day. 

E-Blox pARTS sets and other fine E-Blox products are available on their website, and on Amazon! 

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