Toy Review: Hot Holiday Toys from Far Out Toys - Splash Out, Crash Racers Figure 8 Circuit, Spin Blast Fashion Studio

The Far Out Toys booth at Sweet Suite 2018 provided a variety of fun and exciting ways to keep your kiddos engaged - from crashing and smashing race cars, to getting walloped with slime from a ticking timebomb to a quiet creative craft - your kiddos will be entertained from Friday night until Sunday! Keep an eye out for everything below, because there are definitely winners in here for hot toys for your kiddo’s holiday wish list!

Want to combine summer fun with quick to answer trivia questions? Splash Out is the answer! Make a splash and finish the summer vacation with a fun and exciting way to keep your friends and family on their toes! For ages six and up, Splash Out is a great way to keep your brain going, your heart racing, and your head soaked! Keep your cool though, because it’s just a game!

New and improved for the summer, Splash Out includes reusable balloons for indoor play, and an easy to pour nozzle so you can surprise teammates or opponents with different varieties of liquids or even confetti! Tar and feather your friends, drop some sticky soda on them, gooey slime, or even milk will be great ways to offend and cause a ruckus! Available now at Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond for $14.99, Splash Out is the ultimate challenge game that will keep everyone laughing out loud! Keep an eye for our hilarious video coming very soon! 

Far Out Toys has a new spin on a craft I remember playing with when I was a kid, Spin Blast Fashion Studio! The Spin Blast Fashion Studio inspires creativity and precision with splattering paints on a self-spinning platform. Spin, splatter the paint gently on to the board and stamp your paint splatter with the included die-cut shapes. At Sweet Suite, we made a fun canvas bag! Some fun stamps include a peace sign, star, hearts, and the word LOVE. Included with the set are the primary colors red, blue, and yellow for mixing and white to add some pastels! This set would make an excellent gift any kiddo looking to jazz up their shirts, totes, canvas sneakers, hats, or even decorative pillowcases! For $24.99, it’s the perfect price point for a birthday or Christmas gift, and for ages six and up, it’s a great craft to leave the kiddos to play without making a huge mess!

All of the mess is contained on the Spin Station! Easy peasy! Also, no batteries required! 

Smash and crash your vehicles and have a BLAST with the Crash Racers Figure 8 Circuit! For any kiddo that loves to race cars or crash them together, this is the set for you! For ages, five and up, this set was rocking my five-year old’s world at Sweet Suite! He got on the floor and crashed those cars like he was at home. I have a good solid 10 minutes of video of him exploring this amazing set! You charge up your vehicles for just 10-seconds, race the vehicles and when they crash, they smash! The cars literally come apart in easy put back together pieces for continuous smashing and crashing - a little boy’s dream! Or girl’s dream! 

The one thing my son wanted to do was mix up the car pieces, they do not do that, but hopefully, in the future, Far Out Toys will create one-off pieces that can be intertwined. Kids love mixing stuff up! I was told the figure-8 race track is huge (about six feet), and for $39.99, it seems like a deal. We played with a more compact race track set at Sweet Suite and that looked big enough, which makes me wonder - can we downsize it for smaller space? Go big or go home, I guess in the world of race cars! 

Crash Racers will be a number one toy item on your little race car driver’s list! I know my son wants one because it’s all he has been talking about since Sweet Suite! Coming this fall in time for Christmas! Batteries are required, and so is the fun!

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