Thursday, August 9, 2018

Toy Review: America's Landmark in Pieces - Skullduggery's Smithsonian Discover Puzzle Review

Puzzles for me have a special place in my heart. Puzzles are where I learned about the production of children's products, sales, marketing, and the creation of an idea becoming a tangible product. Puzzles in themselves are just that — puzzles, but when puzzles teach as well as provide a communal experience or even a solo experience, they become something much more. You put together a puzzle, you painstakingly search for each piece that fits just so within the next creating this image that a graphic designer put together only to be broken apart and placed inside of a box. It’s up to the puzzler to piece back together the artist’s vision, which makes it so special. 

I love puzzles! I find great poetry in puzzles, which is why I take the opportunity to do them with my son often. He is nearly five years old and is quite good at piecing puzzles together, which is also why I jumped at the opportunity to review the Smithsonian Discovery Puzzles by Skullduggery. We were sent a 100-piece puzzle featuring America’s Landmarks, and this opportunity to teach my son about his nation, each state, and their landmarks was such a valid lesson. Even though he forgot everything I told him, one fact resonated with him—that there is more out there than what’s in front of us, and that in itself makes him want to explore! 

The puzzle is colorful yet quite muted down, and not so bright and heavily saturated with neon colors - it’s just toned down and very respectful. You won’t find the state capitals on here, but if you’re working on this kind of puzzle with your child be sure to throw that in for some fun facts! Warning: You may get an, “oh yeah” response! I learned a few things from this puzzle, too, like I had no idea that there was a Space Camp in Mississippi! 

The puzzle is only 100 pieces, but it will take some time for your kiddo and you to put it together.  The pieces are large and sturdy, and can easily be placed within one another. You also get a fun fact sheet with the puzzle. Once you have completed your puzzle, be sure to snap a photo of your masterpiece and share it with Skullduggery on their social media! Links below! We started the puzzle on the floor before bed and then had to move it to the table so I could vacuum the next day. The puzzle is geared for ages five and up, and there are so many others to collect suitable for any child’s interest. Find titles like Ocean Life, Space Exploration, and Endangered Species to add to your collection — all for $12.99 each at Target. Puzzles make for wonderful gifts that will add many moments of fond memories created together one puzzle piece at a time. Thank you Skullduggery for sending us this amazing puzzle!

Share all of your completed crafts with Skullduggery! From Stepping Stones to replicas of dinosaurs - Skullduggery wants to see your masterpieces! 

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  1. We love puzzles in my household!! This looks like a nice fun puzzle to work on together. I love that this one features America's landmarks! Really cool!!