Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Our Playmobil Holiday Toy Picks from Sweet Suite 2018 Spirit Lucky's Happy Home, Hidden Temple T-Rex and more!

Sweet Suite 2018 is still on my mind with the latest toys. One toy company that always brings creativity, innovation, and gets little minds going is Playmobil. Two new sets for Holiday 2018 to watch out for are the Hidden Temple with T-Rex (9429) and Lucky's Happy Home set (9475).

Playmobil Hidden Temple with T-Rex (9429) incorporates constructive play, functional play, and imaginative play all in one interactive set! Be a part of the action with characters Nick, Will, and Emma as they set out to discover, and explore the mysteries of the Hidden Temple! Watch out there’s a poseable T-Rex at basecamp that you must contend with! In order to find the treasure of the hidden temple, you have to rub the map to reveal the path to the treasure! Will you be able to make it past the T-Rex with his ferocious moving limbs and jaw?! This set is chock full of accessories, the mentioned characters, their dog Sammy, hiking equipment, a golden statue, a camera, laptop, and more! The interactive play includes the use of a UV flashlight so you can discover special glow in the dark areas of the set. Geared for ages four and up, your kiddo will most likely have this set at the top of their wish list for the holidays! The retail price of $59.99 allows for a substantial big gift for Christmas, Chanukah, Birthday, or just because!

Fans of Dreamworks’ Spirit Riding Free will appreciate Playmobil’s latest release Lucky’s Happy Home (9475) where Lucky will need to discover new ways to feel at home in a new place. Lucky’s Happy Home seems to be the only place where she can feel like herself with Aunt Cora providing home cooked meals in their cozy kitchen. In person, the Happy Home is a large playhouse full of familiar rooms, nooks, Lucky’s bedroom featuring a photo of her beloved mother. The kitchen comes equipped with pots and pans, dishes, utensils, and even Aunt Cora to help guide Lucky to becoming a proper young lady! Imagine and play in Lucky’s world as she shares her adventures with her trusty horse, Spirit. This beautiful playhouse is a dollhouse lover’s dream come true with gables and beautiful Victorian architecture, this set will be the envy of everyone on Christmas morning! For ages four and up and retailing for $99.99 - this is the ultimate gift allowing for hours of playtime fun!

Continuing the legendary Ghostbusters II line, Playmogram 3D continues to amaze me with this creative and fun way to collect ghosts! You can collect all of the members of the number one ghost catching team Ego Spengler (9346), Peter Venkman (9347), Raymond Stantz (9348), and Winston Zeddemore (9349). All you have to do is download the free Playmobil app, trap that pesky ghost in the clear hologram cone! You can really watch play come to life with these amazing Playmogram sets! I am still in awe of how cool they are! Figures are $10.99 each, and pair them with the amazing line of Ghostbusters Play Sets that Playmobil has to offer to complete your holiday shopping! Remember the hit show The Real Ghostbusters? I sure do, and now Playmobil has The Real Ghostbusters Mission Packs include characters with vehicles for more interactive play Venkman with Helicopter (9385), Spengler with Cage Car (9386), Zeddemore with Aqua Shooter (9387), and Stantz with Skybike (9388). For ages six and up and $21.99 each.

Always a treat are Advent Calendars for the holiday season! Playmobil’s Advent Calendar is chock full of surprises in Santa’s Workshop. For $24.99, get a surprise every day as you count down the days until Santa arrives! Open each door for your Playmobil surprise! This is a great way to collect much-needed accessories for your Playmobil adventures! You’ll get four figures, slide, reindeer, workbench, bike, sleigh, toys, and many accessories! Geared for ages four to 10 years. 

I have a little guy who is just starting to really get into play! He’s only a year old, but by Christmas, this Playmobil 1.2.3 Pirate Ship (9118) will be the perfect starter build set! There are plenty of areas of play including sharpening fine motor skills with the real rotating wheel and working water cannon. The set includes two figures, parrot, treasure, and other fun pirate themed accessories to get little minds working and little hands tooling! For the very great price of $24.99, and for ages 18 months and up, this set is the pirate’s booty!

What do you think of all of these cool Playmobil products for the holidays? Let me know in the comments below! Stay tuned to our channel for footage of Sweet Suite 2018 to get closer looks at all of the toys that we covered!

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