Thursday, August 30, 2018

New Video and a Slink Down Memory Lane with Slinky on National Slinky Day!

Happy National Slinky Day to all of you slinky lovers out there! Alex Toys was kind enough to provide us with a couple of Slinky springs to play with on National Slinky Day - we got the plastic Slinky spring, and the metal Slinky that I had when I was a kid. In my mind when I received these amazing toys of my childhood were thoughts of wonder, excitement, and dreams - dreams to make the Slinky walk down the longest flight of stairs in New York a la Ace Venture Pet Detective. Alas, with children, the thoughts in a mama’s head are usually just dreams, because kids keep ya busy! Thankfully, the Slinky is a toy that pretty much all ages can enjoy, so we had a BLAST just slinking it down stairs and down our own collection of makeshift stairs. 

The Slinky was created by mistake. A Mechanical Engineer named Richard James was working in his office with springs when a few springs fell off of a shelf. As the springs walked away down a flight of books, he came up with the idea of the slinky spring - a toy that has the possibility to keep kids engaged for a long time! The Slinky has withstood the stands of time in the toy world. For 75 years, the Slinky still graces the shelves of big box stores - it promotes sensory play and just all around fun! My husband and I played with the Slinky for an hour last night — laughing and squealing after midnight! Our neighbors probably thought a chained man was on the loose as slinked our metal Slinky down the flight of stairs outside of their apartment door. It’s okay, they’re nice! 

Not only does the Slinky stand the test of time, but the Slinky Jingle is the most well known jingle with over 70 years of being an ear worm. The Slinky Jingle was written by Homer Fesperman and Charles Weagley in 1962, and it is the longest running jingle in history! The Slinky never needs batteries or to be charged, immediately out of the box you can start playing! However beware of the tangle! We had a designated Slinky “de-tangler” growing up, and it was good ole’ Mom! My mom has the touch to detangle unruly hair - that would be me - and our Slinky. Aren’t moms the best? Dads are awesome too!

Happy National Slinky Day! Thank you so much Alex Toys for allowing us to be apart of this historic day in toy history!

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