Wednesday, August 8, 2018

New Toys! Incredibles 2 Super Poseable Action Figures Wave 2 by Jakks Pacific | Villains Have Been Added!

Incredibles 2 Wave 2 Actions figures are hitting the shelves, and they are even more incredible than wave one! 

From what I saw from my daily toy sniping on Amazon, Toy Wiz posted for sale the following series two 4-inch action figures by Jakks Pacific: Elastigirl (new super suit), Mr. Incredible (classic blue super suit), Underminer, Screenslaver, and Edna Mode and Fire Jack Jack as a 2-pack. 

The Underminer and Screenslaver each come with accessories representing their villainy, and will make great additions to this range. The Underminer is where you’ll find his signature microphone, and his body looks to be somewhat poseable (arms and clamp hand wrists possibly). Although, I do think it will be hard to pose this chunk of half man/half gopher. Screenslaver has a laptop to hypnotize his targets, and what seems to be a selfie stick, but I think it's just a big taser weapon. Although it’s hard to tell from the photo, I’m happy we have a poseable action figure for Screenslaver! 

Also for wave 2, Elastigirl in her classic, new and improved super suit! She comes with an elastic arm that can be interchanged with her own arm just like in the series one Incredible super suit doll. Elastigirl also comes with a pair of goggles — perfect for when Screenslaver hypnotizes her! Mr. Incredible is available for wave two in his original classic, blue super suit. He's also very poseable and seems to be the trade-off for not including an accessory. 

Finally, I spotted an Edna Mode and Fire Jack-Jack set. This will most likely be super hard to find as a two figure pack. It doesn’t say that the figures are poseable, and it does not come with accessories. It would be great to see a playset featuring Edna and Jack-Jack - maybe a conveyer belt wardrobe changer! 

I already pre-ordered a full case of the poseable action figures and the poseable dolls from Entertainment Earth. Fingers crossed that I get them soon! If not, I’ll be buying them one at a time on my toy hunts! I am also wondering when that Underminer race set will be coming out! At New York Toy Fair 2018, the collection included a track featuring The Underminer, I am hopeful that this set comes out soon!

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  1. Hope they will make an invisible version of Violet cuz that'd be pretty awesome and cool.