Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Tic Tac Tongue Lizard Game by YULU Family Board Game Review

Tic Tac Tongue is a fast-paced, fun and silly game geared towards pre-schoolers and big kids! Tic Tac Tongue is made my YULU, the masterminds behind Breakfree, Operation Escape, Watermelon Smash, and more fun group games! 

Tic Tac Tongue is the perfect game for a family game night! Test your lizard licking skills with their super-realistic lizard mask, and by way of what looks like a party horn, the lizard tongue snaps out to knock down your card! Pre-schoolers will hone their number skills with counting, and rapid-fire lizard licks to knock down the card that they chose! 

For ages four and up, two to four players can play. You can play the traditional way by choosing a colored side, picking a card, and snapping your tongue toward the card you chose, and the player with the highest points from the cards they knocked down wins. You can also play the rapid-fire tongue slapping way by seeing how many cards you can knock down - whoever knocks down the most cards wins! Each box comes with four masks, four washable mouthpieces, four lizard tongues, game cards, and game card stands. 

We spiced up the game a bit by offering toy surprises at the end to the winner! M-Tubey reigned supreme, although, he does like to cheat and he is proud of it! I caught him this time by way of a slo-mo instant replay! 

You can find Tic Tac Tongue for $17.99 at Target now. If you’re in Canada, find Tic Tac Tongue for $19.95 at Indigo, Mastermind, and Toys R Us. 

Big thank you to YULU for sending us Tic Tac Tongue! 

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