Monday, July 30, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Rainbocorns by Zuru Provide Ultimate Surprise Toy Unboxing Hot Toy List for the Holiday 2018!

What do you get when a unicorn flies into a rainbow? A Rainbocorn, of course! 

Rainbocorns by Zuru are the ultimate, magical surprise egg coupling the element of surprise with magic, and cuteness! Rainbocorns are a family of surprise plush unicorns who can be monkeys, bunnies, hamster, puppies, and more! A giant pink egg awaits you to be opened with different colored unicorn horns at the top of the egg. Unwrap the brilliantly colored wrapping to find a sequin shaped heart. Reveal your surprise by wiping the sequins heart with your hand like magic to reveal an image that will tell you which kind of Rainbocorn you got. With whimsical sequin images featuring rainbows, ice cream, lollipops, cherries, and more, each image represents a different type of Rainbocorn. The sequin heart also doubles as a hair clip so you can adorn your Rainbocorn's multicolored tuft of hair with its own magical, sequined heart, or your kiddo can wear the clip to show off her magical, rockin' style! How cool is that little feature? The sequin heart can also attach to your Rainbocorn’s tummy! Give the Unicorn eggshell as squeeze and watch your Rainbocorn hatch from its shell. Stare into these adorable Rainbocorn eyes, and see sparkly windows to their souls! 

There’s another surprise underneath your Rainbocorn! A tiny surprise egg awaits you with an iridescent boo boocorn inside completing the ultimate egg surprise! Cuddle up with your Rainbocorn, bring her to the park, or store her in her own surprise egg—your little one will have loads of magical adventures with her Rainbocorn! Overall, I find these surprise toys to be the sweetest plush dolls! They have sparkly fairy wings, bright multi-colored hair, and fluffy plush, which provides a quality toy and hours of imaginative play. Create stories for your Rainbocor, draw rainbows and learn colors with them, hide little surprises in their eggs -- there are so many ways to play!

There are 12 Rainbocorns to collect in all, and there’s the chance to find twins! Available at Target, Amazon and at Walmart for $24.99, Rainbocorns will definitely be on your child’s wish list for Christmas, so grab them when you see them! 

My son wanted to see some elements added to the Rainbocorns for the future—he wants them to talk and have a scent. I think that will add more to the magic of these sweet toys! 

Huge thank you to Zuru Toys for sending us another set of their innovative products to us for review! Zuru is responsible for the ever popular 5 Surprise, smash hit Smashers, Hamsters in the House, Shnooks, and more! We can’t wait to include our fluffy Rainbocorns in future videos on our YouTube channel!

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