Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Playfoam Pals by Educational Insights | Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day USA! 

The 4th of July marks the start of summer vacation, outdoor fun, a festive barbecue, and summer traffic! Yes, traffic! What can kids do while sitting in traffic besides playing with their iPad? Look out the window? NO! Looking out of the window and watching the world whiz by in a green and blue blur of mushed up trees and sky is so 2004. 

We were sent a fun collectible toy that just came out this summer that will be a hit in the car and with the kids!

Have you heard of Playfoam Pals? Well, now you know! 

Educational Insights’ hit this new mystery surprise toy market out of the park pairing their famous tactile playfoam with kid-friendly toy surprises! Playfoam Pals pairs a child's love of collecting tiny treasures with super satisfying playfoam. Geared toward ages 5-10, your kiddos will love the surprises found inside, they can uncover a world of tiny wild animals! Collect 12 Playfoam Pals in all! You even have the chance of discovering the rare golden animal critter. After discovering your new surprise wild animal figure create, mold, sculpt, and build a story with your playfoam, and add your new pal with it! Some fun things that you can suggest to your kiddo can be a nest for their animal critter, a bed, food, perches, and more! Get single packs for as low as $3.98 at Walmart. They are available in 1-pack ($3.99), 2-packs ($7.99), 6-packs ($21.99), and 12-packs ($47.99). 

Playfoam is not messy like slime can be, and the foam sticks together making this the perfect toy for a road trip! Playroom provides a lot of educational value, too, fine motor skills, and fulfills a tactile sensory need! Store your playfoam for more fun again and again! A baggie works best for me, so bring some baggies along for the ride! 

Playfoam Pals are geared for kiddos ages five to 10 years old. There are a variety of price ranges for this collection, and with 12 to collect in all and the chance to get a golden pal, I do not feel you will have to buy many to complete the entire set. The best part about Playfoam pals is that you have the fun playfoam to play with afterwards, and that in itself is with the $3.99 for the single packs. Opening surprise toys literally last for about three minutes, and then the nostalgia of toy opening ends, so having the playfoam to bury your toys inside really lengthens the play time, which is great for the car! Sculpt and create a little next for your new little friend to sleep in, or even food, or a even a park! Switch out the heads of your playfoam pals to make play time silly; the possibilities are endless with playfoam! Playfoam and the playfoam pals will promote imaginative play that strongly supports social and communication skills! 

Like I said earlier, Playfoam is also a zero mess toy - playfoam is non-toxic and non-stick! Keep some ziplock bags with you to keep your playfoam fresh all the time! If you're leery about playing with playfoam in the car - you can simply keep the playfoam inside the baggy, and your kiddo can mold the playfoam inside the baggy, too! The pods that included with the toy actually have a stencil base, so air will easily get inside the pod. You can always seal it up with some plastic wrap, too! 

The checklist also includes funny facts that your kids will enjoy reading, which adds in that element of educational fun that is Educational Insights. 

Thank you to Educational Insights for sending us Playfoam Pals to review! Check out our unboxing video on our YouTube channel!

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