Thursday, July 12, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation Toys - Whole Family of Articulating Figures and Play Set

Completing our collection of poseable figures from Jazwares Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation line of toys, we have all of the poseable figures from the Boo Voyage set, Drac’s Pack, Spooky Scuba Mavis, and Monster Cruise Mavis. The dolls are four inches in height, except Dennis who is about have that size. Each doll has many points of articulation, so there are plenty of ways to play with each doll. You just have to pick which is right for you! 

The Boo Voyage play set includes four poseable figures, Papa Drac, Dennis, Mavis, and Johnny, dressed in their cruise wear, as well as small accessories, and a double sided cruise backdrop to take a spooktastic photo. The set is $24.99, and you can find it on Amazon. 

Drac’s Pack is a four doll set of Papa Drac, Mavis, Johnny, and Dennis wearing their street clothes. Mavis has a removeable skirt, and Papa Drac’s cape can be removed as well. For $17.99, this is a great value, because you get four poseable figures. 

Finally, you can purchase Mavis’s figures, Spooky Scuba and Monster Cruise Mavis dolls as a 2-pack on Amazon for $12.99 - what a deal! Included with both are a collection of accessories to further illuminate the storyline! Spooky Scuba Mavis comes with a butler fish serving up a ghoulish concoction, removable scuba gear, and removable flippers. Monster Cruise Mavis is wearing a beautiful resort wear outfit and molded flip flops, and includes a big sun blocking hat, and a screaming volleyball that opens and closes. Both dolls have nine points of articulation, so you can pose Mavis in any action pose you wish!

Choosing is going to be hard this time around, if you do not want to get all of these dolls, I would suggest just grabbing the Boo Voyage play set as it includes a lot of little accessories, and includes the whole family dress in their monster cruise clothes. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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