Thursday, July 19, 2018

Toys Review: Hold on to Your Sorting Hats! Magical Harry Potter Collectibles You Do Not Want to Miss at San Diego Comic Con and More!

San Diego Comic-Con is now in full swing and that means amazing new products are launched with this momentous event! From Exclusives to Limited Editions, you’ll want to grab everything you can! Thankfully, some of the items I have mentioned below made by Wow! Stuff in this post will be available worldwide, but they might as well be limited editions as I really do not think any of these products will stay on the shelves long enough to collect one speck of dust. 

If you’re heading to SDCC this weekend, and you’re Harry Potter obsessed, like me, do check out Wow! Stuff’s line of Harry Potter collectibles that are strikingly close to the real things. Potter fans, even just collectors of movie memorabilia will appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into each product. I was blown away at the Toy Insider’s event Sweet Suite last week when my son and I happened upon this amazing little "suite". Let me know which is your favorite, too! A few are available for pre-order now via Entertainment Earth, but if you are going to the con this weekend, visit the Entertainment Earth booth #2343 to get a closer look! There is a little something for everyone in every price range, and with the quality of goods, you’re getting a very good deal even at the highest price point. I have included their YouTube videos for the products below so you can get a better look as well. Harry Potter fans, you do not want to miss out on any of these products! Be sure to stay tuned to our own YouTube channel and this blog for more information on this amazing line of products. 

The Mystery Flying Snitch will debut at San Diego Comic-Con! Channel your inner seeker, and show off your Quidditch skills with this must have Harry Potter product by Wow! Stuff! Mystery Flying Snitch - $24.99 - Dreams of being the star seeker? You can now with the golden snitch. Watch this little guy soar through the air, whizzing past your pup while he sleeps, or whirring its patented flying activators throughout the house, which makes it look like real magic is happening! Harry Potter was about 12 years old when he first started as a Seeker, your little wizard or witch can start as early as eight years old! If you’re heading to SDCC, be sure to grab one of these before the opposing team gets it before you do! 

A new take on a classic is the Golden Snitch Heliball® where the familiar Golden Snitch can now be found at a muggle’s home near you! Customize the flight patters to really hone your Quidditch skills. The realistic hand painted body, and custom gold finish will wow your friends, because it looks like the real thing! Already the Golden Snitch Heliball has been selected for North America’s ASTRA’s 2018 ‘Best for Kids’ list. Not only does this promote nostalgic Harry Potter feels, but it also gets kids moving! Your kiddos will be zooming around the house trying to chase down the Golden Snitch. Parents, you can set the fly patterns to controlled or even random to really get your kiddos moving. The Golden Snitch Heliball comes with its very own display plinth and a display worthy Quidditch poster! Available everywhere in August for $34.99. Geared for wizards and witches ages eight and up. 

My absolute favorite part about this line by Wow! Stuff is the Light Painting Wands. Channel your inner wizard with Light Painting Wands by Wow! Stuff. I held these wands at Toy Insider’s Sweet Suite last week, and the wands have weight and feel authentic! The real prop wands from the Harry Potter movies were modeled to truly capture the authencity of your favorite witch or wizard’s wands. I held Hermoine wand, and I immediately felt the quality and craftmanship. Harry’s wand looked as if it was conjured from elder wood, the details are intricate and stunning. At the tip of the wand is a strong LED light—enough to lumos a dark corridor— that provides your “brush” to paint the night!  Create light trails, or conjure up your patronis charm, duel a friend with the free app. I am in super swoon mode over here, and sincerely hope to get my hands on a wand or two soon! Activate the strong light with a “secret” button, and make magic on your phone screen. Watch it back and see the magical art that you created with your very own Light Painting Wand! Share your creations on social media, and be sure to tag Wow! Stuff. For a steal, get your own wand for $30 beautifully packaged in its own display case - this collectible toy will provide many moments of magical fun!

Another favorite of mine is Wingardium Leviosa! Can you make the feather fly with your skilled magic skills? Well, you can now with this wildly adorable parlor trick that just looks utterly realistic! Say the magic words, Wingardium Leviosa, and with a the gentle flick of your wand, watch your purveyors eyes’ widen with wonder as your feather levitates into the air. With this magic kit, you’ll receive a mini replica of Hermoine’s wand, and a feather and everything you will need to pull off this charm. The secret is in the high-tension Aramid fiber thread that comes with this set, along with putty to attach to your wand or to your hand. The thread is strong like steel, but virtually invisible while floating upwards of six feet in the air. I have a feeling a lot of witches and wizards will be at NYCC later this year with this set, as this is perfect to complete your Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts cosplay. Practice your first charm as early as eight years old for a wondrous price of $14.99. This is the perfect price point and gift for any Harry Potter fan!

Tom Riddle’s Diary, the horcrux, and the book that caused the hypnosis of poor Ginny Weasley — so much is involved within the pages of this book, and now it can be yours to share your deepest darkest secrets or funny gossip! With a special invisible ink pen to write down your secrets, only you or your closest confidant will be able to share in the reveal! The only way that your words can be revealed is with the help of a wand with a special UV light at the end. Hover your wand over the pages to reveal your secret writings. Disguised as a regular novelty keychain, your reveal wand will always be safe with you - away from nosey muggle eyes.  See the diary in person at San Diego Comic-Con Entertainment Earth booth #2343, and buy it for $17.99 - the perfect gift and price point for a Slytherin. Be careful, this was a horcrux, so if your eight-year-old starts opening the Chamber of Secrets or doing other fun stuff, don’t come complaining to me! ;)

Another fun item I saw at the Wow! Stuff booth was a lenticular journal with Sirius Black on the cover - it was the “live” photo of his mug shot. Unfortunately, I had nothing to photograph our time in the booth - long story! You will also find from the Wow! Stuff line, familiar details from Fantastic Beasts like the shiny item loving Niffler. Always carry the Sorting Hat in our pocket with a very detailed keyring! Overall, the Harry Potter line by Wow! Stuff is surely enough to wow any Potter fan. I was immediately blown away by the range and am so excited to see it on store shelves in just a few weeks. Well done, Wow! Stuff!

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