Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Summer Vacation 2018 - Road Trip or Stay-cation: Traveling with Kids Made Easy 10+ Kid-Friendly Products You Can Buy at Walmart and Amazon!

The summer sunshine has arrived, and school is out! When I was a kid, summer vacation meant road trips to the country to escape the city congestion or lazying about at home watching cartoons while mom and dad were at work. With iPads, cell phones, and other technological parents need to up their game! If you don't want your kiddos staying inside all summer 

Today, we cannot do that, we have to keep our kids' young minds fresh, and bright without the interference of technology. As parents, we've got to keep up with the latest trends to keep the kids interested! I hope our readers are planning summer getaways, stay-cations, or even trips to the beach or local pool to just keep cool. Whether you’re planning a planning road trip or just maxin’ and relaxin’ at home with the kids this summer, this post has just some of the coolest products to be found at Walmart!

If you shop at Walmart, you already know that there are many deals to be found, but these are ones you have to keep a close eye on! 

Banzai is synonymous with premium and just super silly outdoor water fun! With their Wiggle’n Wobble Wave Pool, you’ll keep cool and be totally relaxed with the cushioned water-filled pool bottom. Wiggle and jiggle, splish and splash for totally refreshing entertainment! For ages three and up, even your toddler will enjoy the wiggle, jiggle, and wobble! For $14.99, beat the heat and spare your wallet, because at this price point, it’ll pay for itself in just one day! You can even save some extra cash with the Walmart pick up discount! 

If kiddie pools that wiggle and jiggle don’t pack enough action packed water fun, then you have to check out the elite standard of outdoor at home water parks, Banzai’s Hydro Blast Water Park has three water soaked slides, two water blasters to hose your friends as they slide down the slides, a “rock” style wall, a hoops, and pool to land in, and so much more! For $1,048.50, this price is cheaper than a family vacation of four, and can be used every summer! Banzai products are built to last! Order online and save some cash with Walmart’s pick up discount, too!

Driving in a car for a very long period of time can get boring. Not every kid has an iPad or tablet to keep them busy. Quite honestly, I would rather my kids look out the window, but children are not built that way anymore. Imagination is technologically supported now, which is fine, but good old fashioned magazines, books, and other toys are still where its at for road trip play. 

Educational Insights’ hit this new mystery surprise toy out of the park pairing their famous tactile playfoam with kid-friendly toy surprises! Playfoam Pals pair the kids’ love of collecting with super satisfying playfoam. Geared toward ages 5-10, your kiddos will love the surprises found inside, they can uncover a world of tiny wild animals! Collect 12 Playfoam Pals in all! You even have the chance of discovering the rare golden animal critter. After discovering your new surprise wild animal figure create, mold, sculpt, and build a story with your playfoam, and add your new pal with it! Some fun things that you can suggest to your kiddo can be a nest for their animal critter, a bed, food, perches, and more! Get single packs for as low as $3.98 at Walmart. They are available in 1-pack, 2-packs, 6-packs, and 12-packs. Playfoam is not messy like slime can be, and the foam sticks together making this the perfect toy for a road trip! Playroom provides a lot of educational value, too, fine motor skills, and fulfills a tactile sensory need! Store your playfoam for more fun again and again! A baggie works best for me, so bring some baggies along for the ride! 

Moms and Dads of car booster seat kids! We now have the ultimate travel product for you that will not only solve your travel woes, but also the Grandparent woes! The mifold is a travel booster seat for booster seat aged children. It folds up super compact, and can be taken virtually anywhere all while being discretely packaged up until needed. Traveling on a plane? Don’t rent a booster seat with your rental car, the one time price of $39.99 will pay for itself in one trip. Grandparents will love it because they don’t have to fill their backseat with a bulky booster seat, instead a steek and super safe booster will keep their most precious cargo safe, too! As a mom of two boys, I know the struggles of packing a bulky booster seat for the plane just to go into the rental car.  You’d be surprised on how filthy some of the rented boosters and car seats are at some rental car agencies. The MiFold is the answer to combat your booster seat woes. For $39.99, you will save yourself a lot of trouble, and your aching back (those boosters are sometimes pretty heavy!), because the mifold is 10x smaller than a traditional booster seat. Pack light - perfect for even a quick cab ride, visits with grandparents, and more! The mifold’s design is revolutionary, because it doesn’t elevate your child, it brings the seatbelt down to your child’s level. Check it out! Get it cheapest at Walmart!

Highlights magazine is a favorite in our house, especially the puzzle books. My son literally cannot get enough of solving those sticker puzzles! If you have pre-schoolers or kiddos entering kindergarten in the fall, you know that tracing and fine tuning their fine motor skills all summer long is key. 

The best way to do promote fine motor skills practice is with  good old pen and paper, but when you’re on the road, you don’t want to be carrying around sheets of paper - that is just wasteful and annoying to carry around! Take along these wipeable Highlights tracing books, Write-On Wipe-Off Let’s Write Words and Write-on Write-Off Let’s Write Letters, both books will help your kiddo learn his or her letters, remind them of sight words, and will provide a nice, educational busy activity. The dry erase marker stows away neatly inside the spiral of the book, and can be accessed easily by your kiddo. Hurry, you can only find these at Walmart through August 7, 2018 for $12.99 each. Both activity books are geared for ages three to six years old. 

If your kiddos don’t like writing in the car, you can help make learning fun with the  Highlights™ Big Fun Activity Books geared towards kiddos ages three to six years old. Give your brain a power boost with each educational puzzle and activity with humorous illustrations to promote skill building and critical thinking. You need to hurry, because these will be only available at Walmart through August 7, 2018 for $12.99 each. You can also find the Highlights Write-on Write-off books and other fun activity books on

Snowie 2 is the newest addition to the Snowie line, a travel-friendly ice shaver that can also be plugged into your car outlet! Snowie 2 is available at Walmart for $199, and can be used by kiddos as little as five years old (with adult supervision, of course). You’ll be making shaved ice on the go, in the hotel room, at the pool, or even on a camping trip! If you have the ice to spare, try a refreshing cup of shaved ice on the go!

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