Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Toy Review: Explore Space from your living room with Space Odyssey by Sharingland, and more imaginative playhouses!

3...2...1! Blast off! Ground control, we have lift off with Sharingland’s amazing cardboard creation, Space Odyssey. One of five sets will take you to space, tend your flock, oversee your kingdom, and more — all from the comfort of your own home.  Imaginations will soar to new heights with this amazing set, and it’s made of cardboard! I put this together in less than 20 minutes—I was having a bit of a time with a newly walking toddler who is just so curious now! My five-year-old son is smitten with this set, and he loved that he could name his space shuttle with the marker provided. The playhouse kits are so innovative that they are listed in the National Toy Hall of Fame. Sure, a cardboard box could work to promote imaginative play, but the Sharingland kits are different, they don’t write the story for your kiddo, they help move the story along. Ever have a kid who gets player’s block, yes, it’s a real thing. My kiddo sometimes is so involved with pretending that he sometimes loses track. I stop what I am doing and get involved, and he’s back at fighting some villain or joining someone for dinner on Mars. Sharingland helps keeps the narrative going with their included accessories and sharp colored prints and artwork, there enough to look at and explore with each kit, and it will keep your kiddo fully engaged. 

Available at www.thegrommet.com and on Amazon in the time for holiday shopping, the Sharingland sets includes enough whimsy and magic for your kiddo to imagine, pretend, and play for hours. With five sets to choose from, there are plenty of options to help guide your kiddo down the path of pure imagination. Each set is $99.99 so the price point may seem a bit steep, however, if you’re looking for an easy build, no batteries, no tools to build the set, well-made cardboard accessories, and many moments of sipping -still hot- coffee, then these sets are for you. We were sent Space Odyssey to review, and the cardboard is high grade, clean, and brilliantly colored. It’s tough to not see the value in a toy like this, especially since there are so many elements of play. Moms or dads can fit inside the cardboard playhouse with their kiddo like I did! The entryway is just the right size, and there are peek-a-boo windows so they can peek out, and you can peek in. 

There’s nothing quite like the mysteriousness of a royal castle, one so ancient that even the walls tell stories. With the Grand Palace Playhouse Kit your prince or princess in training will be the envy of the court with their very own royal armor, palace flags, tiara, crown, magical scepter and fairy wings! You even get two adorable cardboard animals that the Princess can sing outside to from the comforts of her castle window. 

We were sent the Space Odyssey Playhouse Kit, and we went to infinity and beyond in our space shuttle. Explore space inside your very own shuttle with a colorful control board and windows to see the universe pass by. The shuttle is equipped with spacesuits, tele transporter armbands, jetpacks, and three curiously cute Martians waiting to take you to their leader. 

The Windmill Farm Playhouse is the cutest set in my opinion with the three little cardboard piggies, a clucking chicken, and dress to impress in denim farmer overalls. Decorated with true to life farm decor with a directional rooster atop, and a beautiful windmill adorns the entryway. 

Hark back to the indigenous peoples of our lands with the Ancestral Teepee Playhouse Kit, this set was awarded  2018 Best New Product Award 2018 • NY Now Home, Lifestyle + Gift Show. Inside take a nap, and be protected by the dreamcatcher inside. Awaken to step outside to your beautifully Navajo patterned teepee, a primitive tomahawk, Chief’s headdress, blazing fire, and a beautifully colored totem pole. Incorporate real history with imaginative play to further enhance your experience. 

The Epic Castle Playhouse Kit is just that, epic! From hatching your very own dragon’s egg to reveal an adorable baby dragon to accepting a knighthood and named the protector of your people; there are just so many fun ways to play! Win a tourney, and hang your sigil high above the castle in the most royally, epic way possible! 

I should mention again that the best part is that their play sets are made of cardboard, no tools to build it, no batteries to play—just your imaginations! Fold it back up for easy storage, which is such a help for a small NYC apartment! Tip: Keep the packaging, because you can fold up the playhouse in mere moments. We store ours behind our couch. 

What will you share today? The gift of pretend play and broadening your child’s imagination is one of the best tools that you can give during play time. Pretending gets those creative juices flowing. Grab a pen and paper, and jot down their ideas, their dialogue, and you have recorded an amazing, organic moment that can and will happen again and again with your new Sharingland playhouse kit!

Big thank you to Sharingland for sharing their wonderful Space Odyssey playhouse kit with us to review, we really are having a blast! Get yours today from The Grommet or on Amazon.

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