Sunday, July 29, 2018

New Game Review: DUDE! and MORE DUDE! by Northstar Games - Target Coupon Code Save 10% OFF!

If you want to play a fun game with your family and friends for a game night, you need to consider playing DUDE or MORE DUDE! Both are a fun and unique way to get two know this often overlooked four-lettered word. Do you say dude like a ghost - dooooooode? Do you say dude like a hippie? Peace, dude! Or do you say dude like a cowboy on a dude ranch! Howdy, dude! Any way that you say it the results are hilarious! I noticed this box from several booths away at Toy Insider’s Sweet Suite at the beginning of July, because I sincerely love the movie The Big Lebwoski, and the dude abides! 

If you have little ones that can’t read and get picture concepts, MORE DUDE! is great for them, because there are pictures. There may be a slight learning curve, but it’ll still be cute as heck!

From now until August 11, 2018, you can get 10% off at with code GENCON! Dude, now, that’s a good deal! 

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