Thursday, July 12, 2018

Toy News! Mego Corporation's Nostalgic Comeback! Action Figures, Dolls, and Your Favorite Characters!

Mego Corporation is back and better than ever! 

Mega Corporation, the trailblazer of action figures, broke the mold and paved the way for toy companies of today with their innovative figures, popular licenses, and interactive playsets to go with their dolls. I used to pore over my parents’ toy collecting guides, and search for Mego action figures, because they were so cool, and just seemed so playable. I could incorporate a Mego superhero figure with my Barbie dolls, and it wouldn’t look too strange. One range I fondly remember are the figures from the show Happy Days - there was an actual playset of Fonzie’s garage! 

Mego Corporation was so relevant then, and is definitely even more relevant now considering their re-introduction back onto the market with new toys for the end July! The first wave of toys will include characters from DC Comics, Star Trek, and I Dream of Jeannie! Pop culture is so important now, and today’s collectors want it all - they love the old shows like I Dream of Jeannie, but are also children of the 90’s, so seeing show characters from Full House in doll form is welcomed, and will be instant collectibles. Each figure will have their own unique serial number and will be a limited run of 10,000. Martin Abrams, Co-Founder and CEO of Mego Corporation wanted to give ‘something new and amazing to play with,’ and give back to Mego’s loyal fanbase, and their children!

A sneak peek of what is to come for Mega Corporation can be found within these licenses, as I stated before Full House (which has been totally revived with the Netflix hit, Fuller House), Charmed (huge fan base!), The Brady Bunch, and throwing back with The Wizard of Oz! Diehard fans of Mego Corporation already know how hard the original figures from Mego's The Wizard of Oz line are to come by so it will be nice to see a revamping of the characters. 

There will be three waves through November 2018 ranging in sizes of eight-inches to 14”. Some familiar licenses include CBS, Firefly, Sony, WB, and more to come! Again, these are very limited in supply — only 10,000 per doll, which really is not a lot in toy industry standards. Once they become available at Target, run, don’t walk! 

If you’re heading to San Diego Comic Con, guests will be able to see this new line by Mego up close and personal at their exclusive reveal of the new line of Mego Corporation toys all before the official launch at Target. All items will even be signed my Marty Abrams himself, and their special guest, Broadway Joe Namath, NFL legend! You lucky ducks! I hope you get there early and relish in every moment because this is toy history!

I wonder, will they use the same molds? Will they be poseable? I do hope they keep their original packaging style. What are your thoughts? I appreciate this bit of nostalgia back into the toy world because us collectors need that kind of snap back into why we started collecting in the first place. I feel it’s because we have toy enthusiasts and creators like Marty Abrams out there who care about the art of collecting, and the desire to have a piece of their favorite show, movie, or character in toy form to display and admire. 

The first wave of Mega Corporation’s new line of dolls will hit Target’s shelves July 29, 2018. Wave 2 will become abailable October 2018, and Wave 3 will be out November 2018. 

Thank you to ChizzCOMM for sharing this press release with us!

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