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Hottest Toys for Christmas! Jojo Siwa, PJ Masks, Hairdorables, Build-a-Bear, Disney Kawaii Squeezies, and more by JustPlay & Fisher-Price

The Just Play booth at Sweet Suite 2018 was pumping from the unveiling of cute Hairdorables to the new Vampirina toys, PJ Masks, and Jojo Siwa toys, there will be plenty of hot toys to choose from for Christmas 2018! Call me crazy but what I am most excited about are the new Fisher Price toys! I know, I know, but Fisher-Price play food and the new cash register coming out in August really take me back to my childhood. Below are the top toys for Christmas gift shopping - heed my suggestions, and pick these items up now! I guarantee each one will be the hottest toy of the year!

The Fisher-Price Cash Register, an oldie but goodie revamped with more bells and whistles for your little ones, ages three and up! They will enjoy the real working calculator, play money, pretend groceries, a pop register drawer, and a beeping scanner. Cash registers promote cognitive, social, and developmental skills, so this toy is all around fun and very educational. The price for this register is $24.99, a great deal for many modes of play from pretend play to learning through play!  Coinciding with this release are this adorable fun with play food toys by Fisher-Price, I made the mistake of not get the retail info! However, I would not think these play food toys would be more than $9.99 - $11.99. From corn on the cob to real work spreading peanut butter sandwiches, your little one will enjoy playing, pretending, and cooking up food for mom and dad!

Build a Bear got a lot of flack the other day for “pay your age” event, but they tried to give back to their customers - I cannot fault them for that! Everyone is trying to get a good deal, and everyone just happened to show up! With Christmas on the horizon, your kiddos will want these, too!  Thankfully, I am sure the new Build a Bear set will be easier to get than a pay your age bear. Meet the new 10” Build a Bear Workshop Furry Friend set that includes everything you need to replicate the experience of building your own furry bear. Included in the set is the stuffing, a heart locket, birth certificate, an outfit, and accessories to customize your bear from home! At launch, you can choose from a Rainbow bear or Sparkle Kitty, sold separately. Geared for ages three and up priced at $19.99 — excellent deal! Coinciding with the release is the adorable Build a Bear blind boxes! Now the element of surprise and Build a Bear are combined in joyous, collectible harmony! More retail info coming out soon on these adorable surprise plushies that are boxed in the familiar Build a Bear take-me-home box! 

Hot Dog! Disney Junior’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse iconic Hot Dog Song has been playing in my house since August 2013. Five years later, it’s still going strong and will pair nicely with the new version of the new Disney Junior Hot Diggity Dance and Play Mickey! The new Mickey doll is number one on my Christmas toy list for my littlest Mickey obsessed guy! He is going to hot diggity dog gone crazy when he sees Mickey in action. Interaction is key with little ones, so the Hot Diggity Dance and Play Mickey also plays Freeze Dance and What that Sound?! Geared for ages three and up, and priced at $39.99 - the perfect price point for a special gift for your special little person, or Disney obsessed friend.

Hairdorables, the newest surprise toy collectible dolls out on the scene with vibrantly colored hair, and a big hair don’t care mantra. The concept of pull, peel, and reveal 11 accessories until you get to your main surprise, the adorable Hairdorable doll! Learn about your new doll’s likes, talents, personality, and share in her unique style. There will be 36 to collect in Series 1,  which includes two rare finds, and one ultra rare. The box itself acts as a wardrobe for your Hairdorables that your kiddo will definitely enjoy unboxing! You get a lot for your money with this set! Mix and match their outfits creating endless style possibilities for your dolls. Pre-order is live now on Amazon for $12.88! Stop reading this, and head there now! If you want to wait, get it in stores August 1 at Walmart, Target, and online at Retail price is $12.99, and geared for kids ages three and up. 

My son, and Sandra from Sandaroo Kids [DisneyCarsToys]
She is so nice! 

Disney Kawaii Squeezies by Just play are sure to bring squishy surprise toys with the next level! Unfortunately, again I did not get info on these new squishy surprises. Honestly, Sandra from DisneyCarsToys started talking to us, so I had a fangirl moment! Haha! Ahem. Anyway, as you can see from my photo below, Series 1 seems to be launching with a collection of sweet treats featuring the likenesses of Minnie and Mickey Mouse. From sweet Mickey pancakes, Minnie Mouse popsicle, Mickey and Minnie cupcakes, and more! A top this section were the introduction of the new Kawaii Squeezies Series 5! Kawaii Squeezies are $2.99, so I am hoping Series 5 stays at that price point, although, in person, they look a lot larger than they were in the previous series. The Disney themed Kawaii Squeezies are very large, and just as slow rise as their counterpart. I would surmise that these squeezies will be around $4.99 - not too bad, if that’s the price point, especially with the cuteness overload factor here! I will update this blog with correct retail information as soon as I get the info! For now, enjoy these photos!

Vampirina Rock n’ Jam Touring Van is sure to be a hit with your kiddo’s Vampirina dolls! Sing the Monster Dance Song and channel Dragos the Dancer in fine vampire style with this adorable van! Included are a bunch of cool accessories to jam out with The Ghoul Girls. Easily transform the van into a stage, and Vampirina makes her grand entrance to perform on a light-up platform, arrived in true rock star fashion! The Van also plays familiar phrases from the show, and lights up. V for Vampirina and versatility, this van has it  with the changing out elements - from driver’s seat to couch, bunk beds that flip to speakers, and Liberace eat your heart out, because Vampirina has a piano key staircase! Included with the accessories are poseable dolls Vampirina and her best pal, Poppy. Geared for ages three and up, get this amazing set for $39.99 before the mad rush before Christmas! Be sure to look out for mini play sets featuring Vampirina with her own spooktacular vanity set, a kitchen set, and more!

Calling all doctors, especially doctors of toys - this set is for you! Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Pet Rescue Mobile is on the case to rescue your pets in fine, mobile style. Be just like Doc McStuffins and provide care through town by checking an injured pets vitals with pretend medical tools like an electronic EKG reader, talking stethoscope, and a light and sound control panel. Included with this set is Doc’s pet Oliver, and other cute accessories to help hi feel better - he even has yummy doggy treats to help soothe his tummy! Take an X-Ray to “see” what’s giving him that tummy ache in the first place. Your little doc in training should be aged three and up. For $49.99 you get lots of cool accessories, and maybe even the initial training to becoming a veterinarian. 

What happens during the night to save the day? Well the kids from PJ Mask are out fighting crime, so they need the latest toys to do it! In comes in the newest addition to the PJ Masks fleet, PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure HQ Rocket! There are so many elements of play included in this one toy that your kiddo may only need this to start their PJ Masks collection of toys! However, the Super Moon collection also includes a 5-pack of Super Moon themed figures, and more Super Moon themed Space Rover vehicles. The Super Moon Rocket is $39.99, and geared for superheroes ages three and up.

This next toy is piping hot, so hot that I think it will leave ashes on the shelves, this one is going to go quick! Disney Junior Happy Helpers Sing and Spin Scooter Minnie doll zips, scoots, and twists her way to the next Happy Helper mission. Let’s hope this doll has a new theme song though! Included is Hilda’s missing pet Snowpuff, and the Happy Helpers Minnie has to scoot her way to finding her! Watch Minnie as she does spins and pops wheelies! This toy will delight your kiddos aged three and up, and find it for that special holiday gift at $39.99!

Dreamworks Spirit Riding Free has touched the hearts of many children with the heartwarming adventures of three equestrian best friends who share adventures with their beloved horses. The new Deluxe Spirit Walking Horse brings the magic of the  stable from the show to your play room with realistic sounds and movement. Press the button on Spriti’s back to hear realistic sounds, and watch him move like a real horse! Included also is Lucky in the form of an 11.5” doll dressed in her signature riding outfit. Spirit is fit with stirrups, so Lucky can really take Spirit out for a ride through the imagainion of your little ones ages four and up! Bring the magic of Sprit home along with Lucky for just $19.99!

Jojo Siwa is a style icon, and definitely a personality all kids should luck up to with her no-nonsense attitude towards bullying and her bowtastic accessories; I’m definitely a fan! Save the drama for your mama with this new Jojo doll featuring her hit son, Hold the Drama. The Jojo doll stands 10” tall, but she’s larger than life for sure! Included accessories are a microphone, hairbrush, shoes, and outfit, and ya can’t forget her bow! Jojo promotes positivity, play, to accept others, love yourself, and to dream big; she is definitely this generation’s inspirational heroes. Own this new Jojo doll for just $19.99, I’ll be sure to get my niece this for Christmas! 

Other toys that I saw inside the Just Play “suite” at Sweet Suite were Puppy Dog Pals toys! You’ll have to check out our video for more information on them. 

What did you think of this extensive list of amazing products by JustPlay and Fisher Price? I hope you’re ready, summer is almost over, and that can only mean rushing to the finish line of the end of year Christmas craziness! Never fear, you already know what to get because you read my blog and watch our YouTube videos! Right? Hah! 

Leave a comment below with your favorite, and stay tuned to our channel to check out our Sweet Suite video coverage! 

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