Friday, July 20, 2018

New, fun way to Brush Your Teeth with Emoji, Peppa, Thomas the Train PEZ Toothbrushes by Brush Buddies Review

World Emoji Day passed us by and we didn’t even address the cuteness overload of the new Emoji themed toothbrushes by Brush Buddies! Check these cuties out. 

Brush Buddies teamed up PEZ, the most well-known candy icon in the world, to create these genius and thoughtful toothbrushes geared towards kids. With the press of a button, your kiddo’s toothbrush will pop up like magic! My four-year-old son tried out an Emoji toothbrush by Brush Buddies, and his only complaint was that there was no PEZ inside! He realized how silly that was, but he’s got a point! Why no candy? I kid, I kid! Otherwise, he loves brushing with his Brush Buddies toothbrush. Every kid loves emoji, and since that is my son’s universal language right now because he cannot read well enough yet, he appreciates the design, and so do I. The price point for this novelty toothbrush is $4.99 at Walgreen's, and I am sure every kid will love their own emoji PEZ toothbrush! I also noticed that he brushes longer than the recommended two minutes, and he said he liked the feeling of the brush bristles. That’s okay in my book!

Each PEZ toothbrush has a removable brush head to ensure proper sanitation. We recently went on a mini getaway, and we brought along Brush Buddies; having the brush head on the brush saved me some headache with my son who just plops his toothbrush down on a possibly dirty hotel bathroom counter! Not only is the design super cool, but the brush heads feature cute emoji characters, and they also have other familiar characters that your children will enjoy like our favorite cheeky piggy, Peppa Pig, and Thomas the Train.

We were also sent super gentle toothbrushes geared towards young adults  and adults called Caress, and they are really so super soft! After having two babies, and breast feeding both of them for over a year each my teeth are very weak, and I also drink a lot of coffee. Eating anything cold is bothersome, so my sensitivity level is very high. I normally use a soft toothbrush, but they’re not very soft. However, the feeling of brushing with Caress is so gentle on my gums and on my gum line with their extremely soft bristles. I honestly felt like my gums were getting a much-needed massage, even with brushing harder than I should, the feeling was very soft. I didn’t get the “scratchy” bristle feeling against my gums; extremely gentle! Caress toothbrushes are just $5.99, which is a small price to pay for excellent dental health. Caress also comes in a variety of colors and is a no-nonsense toothbrush. I used the Gum Care Caress toothbrush, but there are four types of Caress toothbrushes total that you can choose from Gum Care, Enamel Care, Whitening, and Ortho. 

If you're looking for the perfect toothbrush for yourself or even your kiddo, Brush Buddies delivers. For PEZ collectors and the like, these bits of pop culture are sure not to be missed. 

Big thank you to Brush Buddies for sending us the toothbrushes for our review! Be sure to stay tuned to our YouTube channel as we will include these toothbrushes within our videos! Check out our instagram to learn how you can win your own Brush Buddies PEZ toothbrush! 

Learn more about Brush Buddies below. Brush Buddies also makes lots of licensed products like Jojo Siwa, Trolls, and more! Brush Buddies even have cool toothbrushes for the older kids with Lady Gaga, LMFAO, and Justin Bieber greeting them with each morning brush and good night brush! You can also find licensed hand sanitizers, first aid kids, and more for your kiddo. 

Visit Brush Buddies on their website: 
Twitter: @BrushBuddies

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