Board Game Review: New World of Board Games with When in Rome - Alexa Smart Speaker Powered Board Game

Game night just got more fun! Experience the world from the comfort of your living room couch with When in Rome, the new interactive board game that uses the power of Amazon Alexa! Purchase it today on Amazon!

When I was a kid I had a board game that I needed to use the help of our VCR to play. I would put the VHS tape in the deck, and the same old scripted scenes would pop up guiding me through the game. Little did I know that 30 years later, we would now be playing alongside technology to guide us through a board game. Play with friends, and your smart speaker, and quickly learn the ropes of the game quickly without ever having to read instructions! 

When in Rome, the second title by Sensible Object (creator of Beast of Balance) combines seamless gameplay with intelligent technology where game players “meet” genuine locals of the location they “travel” to via gameplay. Ask Alexa to take you to a place, and hear realistic sound effects, authentic accents, and answer questions to earn Explorer Points. This game is perfect for the seasoned traveler, foodie, or even the trivia guru. 

Be entertained, have fun, learn about a faraway city and culture, and build your social points all in the comfort of your own living room. When in Rome takes board gameplay to the next level with fresh, new questions each time, because your smart speaker tour guide Alexa remembers which questions have been asked; you never hear the same question twice! 

When in Rome is a far cry from my janky, old VCR game. Digital gameplay and face to face interaction is certainly where it's at, and opens up a whole new world of social possibilities! 

Geared for ages 13 and up, get When in Rome today on Amazon, along with free one-day shipping for Amazon Prime members. Endless gameplay for $29.99, pretty good deal if you ask me! Details below!

When In Rome, $29.99,
When In Rome is played with the free When In Rome skill for Amazon Alexa which is enabled through the Alexa store
The board game includes:
  • 1 game board
  • 2 player tokens
  • 18 friend tokens
  • 14 upgrade cards
  • 5 souvenirs

Requires free When In Rome skill for Amazon Alexa to play and the physical When in Rome board game. Purchase the game here!

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