Video and Toy Review: Watermelon Smash Challenge Game! Perfect Outdoor Game for Summer Fun with the Kids

We played Watermelon Smash the new game by YULU! YULU Toys is responsible for all of the fun challenge games like Break Free and Operation Escape. The latest craze for summer is the Watermelon Smash Challenge! You can fill your watermelon with either the provided plastic watermelon seeds, or if it’s a nice day out, go out and fill it with water! As a gag, I filled ours with Orbeez! For some reason, the kiddos did not want to get wet! We played with Watermelon Smash in the woods, at the beach, and at our local Memorial Day Parade! Watermelon Smash also has a fun hashtag running through social media, you can play the game, and post the moment you got "smashed" with water or the watermelon seeds. Don't forget to use the hashtag #WatermelonSmashChallenge. 

The game comes with a plastic watermelon, a spinner, and blue and yellow watermelon seeds for indoor play. It’s for ages six and up, and up to eight players can play! To make it even more fun, everyone can wear funny nose and mustache glasses to pay tribute to the gag comic Gallagher! That idea may be better for parents and grandparents, though! The kids we played with had no idea why I had them wear those silly glasses. Watermelon Smash is a great game, and perfect for outdoor summer fun. If you have a large group of kids for an outdoor party, you can gather them all up to get blasted with water! If no one wants to get wet, simply fit the watermelon with the plastic watermelon seeds. 

You can find Watermelon Smash at Target only for $19.99. This is the perfect game to play with kids, or even adults! Big thank you to Yulu Toys for sending us Watermelon Smash game to review!

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