Saturday, June 16, 2018

Video and Toy Review: The Incredibles 2 Movie Elastigirl Stretching & Speeding Elasticycle Fully Poseable Figure

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We have the Incredibles 2 Stretching & Speeding Elasticycle playset made by Jakks Pacific. The Elasticycle is for Elastigirl, and it stretches with Elastigirl’s stretching action. You can also launch the elasticycle from the launcher base. Elastigirl’s elasticycle has been revamped and totally redone for the new movie. Evelyn Deavor, Winston Deavor’s inventor sister, revitalized Elastigirl’s elasticycle. Elastigirl took on the role to save the reputation of the illegal supers. In the movie, Elastigirl is so strong and a great role model for kids! 

The Stretching & Speeding Elasticycle set is beautifully painted, totally fun to play with, and truly a multifunctional toy! The bright red finish is so smooth and so realistic. I wish the panel lit up to give it a bit of an even more realistic effect. This toy requires no batteries at all, so it’s really a great toy as a birthday gift or other event because you can unbox it and start playing immediately. When you’re done launching the elasticycle from the ramp, you can remove Elastigirl from the elasticycle and continue your imaginative play! 

To play, you clip the elasticycle on the ramp, crank the handle, and let her go! The cycle zooms down the ramp and across the room! You don’t even need the ramp to play, because the cycle stands on its own. Another element of play is the removable, poseable and stretchy Elastigirl figure! I really think this is such a nice touch! Elastigirl is fully poseable, she has joints at her hips, knees, and her head spins. Elastigirl’s arms stretch really far, too.

For ages three and up, our four year old has a blast playing with the set! You can find it as cheap as $34.99 on amazon or you can find it at Target for $39.99. The set comes with a removable helmet, the elasticycle, Elastigirl, and the launch ramp.

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