Saturday, June 30, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Hotel Transylvania The Series Toys Ghostly Goodnight Play Set by Jazwares Toy Review Tubey Toys

Summer 2018 is proving to be the best summer yet with the release of the new movie toys! We now have a new line of toys out by Jazwares featuring the characters from Hotel Transylvania The Series, and the new movie Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation!

Yawn! Mavis Dracula is so super tired from her late nights at the Cream Cheese Cafe, so the Ghostly Goodnight Play Set by Jazwares, which features your favorite scream-ager is the perfect addition to the Hotel Transylvania: The Series line up of toys. For ages five and up, even your littlest fan HT fan partake in some spooktacular fun!

The Ghostly Goodnight Play Set can be purchased on Amazon for the ghastly good price of $19.99. There are no batteries required for this set, which makes it wallet friendly, and easy to set up. Right out of the box, your kiddos will be playing in mere minutes. Ghostly Goodnight Play Set includes Mavis as a 4” poseable figure, a random toy surprise that can be unlocked with a key, open and close window which is perfect for a midnight flight with Mavis and Papa Drac, and the walls are double-sided so you can attach, detach, and customize as you please. The play set can be attached to the Scream Cheese Play Set, and will be anchored by the Grand Lobby Play Set (Coming Soon). 

The coffin is Mavis’s cozy bed, and at the foot of the coffin is the lock that hides the hidden mystery surprise. In our set, we got Jett Black, he seems to be the dude that’s plastered all over Mavis’s scream-ager wall! The set also comes with a cage, a fierce looking plant, a mystery surprise, and a key. Mavis’s is wearing an adorable nightgown with fun monster slippers, and her outfit can be removed. So far, you can only get Mavis figures, but I would imagine more of her friends will be joining her soon like Hank, Wendy, and Pedro. As this line of toys focuses mainly on Hotel Transylvania: The Series, you will not see Johnny or little Dennis. 

Each of the Hotel Transylvania: The Series play sets come with a skeleton key that will open up a secret compartment, and inside is a random toy surprise! The  mystery toy coincides with Jazwares HT Monster Mayhem series of blind boxes! The mystery boxes incorporate characters from the movie and the series, so your kiddos will be able to enjoy both lines of toys! There are 61 mystery toys to collect in all ranging from common rare to ultra rare! Right now, the blind boxes can be purchased as a 6-pack on Amazon for $22.99. 


You can also find on Amazon more Hotel Transylvania toys from the movie made by Jazwares. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel and our blog for more reviews of this long awaited line of toys!

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  1. Nice post! I have kept this theme for my daughter’s birthday party and I am glad I found these items here. Last year the theme was from one of the shows by Andy Yeatman Netflix. Since he has left working with Netflix, I didn’t find any new theme for the birthday party.