Friday, June 22, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Edna Mode Tsum Tsum Plush Set Review The Incredibles 2 Movie Toys

We have completed our Disney Pixar Incredibles Tsum Tsum set with the addition of the Edna Mode boxed set. 

The innovative and fabulous clothing designer is now in plush tsum tsum form! The Edna Mode Tsum Tsum set can be found at the Disney Store for $14.95. In the set are three different version of Edna Mode. 

Edna is very expressive with her outfits and her face expressions, so an Edna Mode set with different facial expressions is very appropriate! The first Edna is wearing her current out for The Incredibles 2 movie, and her eyes are almost closed - like she is discovering something and contemplative about her discover. The second Edna is wearing her kimono, she could be sleeping, but I think it’s her wistful expression where she knows she can take care of it, and has a “don’t worry about it, dah-ling” attitude. The last Edna plush is wearing her outfit from the original The Incredibles film, and her eyes are wide - almost as if she is yelling. Personally, I love this set, and I love the packaging as well. The box has great graphics, and the spot UV looks great - there is a slight embossing from the spot UV, but the logo is not as raised as it usually is. Check out our video on YouTube for a more in depth review. 

In our unboxing video, we also talk about the other Disney Incredibles plush tsum tsum that were released in June, and we go over them again as well. The invidvial tsum tsum are $5.95 each, and you can get Elastigirl, Mr. Incredibles, Frozone, Dash, Violet, Jack-Jack, and Monster Jack-Jack!

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