Video and Toy Review: Champions Series Action Figures Incredibles 2 Fire Jack Jack Raccoon, Dash and Baby Jack-Jack Poseable Action Figures by JAKKS Pacific

Finally! We have The Incredibles 2 Champions Series 2-packs of Fire Jack-Jack & Raccoon, and Dash & Baby Jack-Jack made by Jakks Pacific. These figures are for ages four and up, and you can find them for under $9.99. I have been searching for so long, and finally found them available on, and I got them for $9.84. Don’t let that weird price fool you - grab these action figures now! I have already seen the prices raised way too high on Amazon by scalpers. 

Back to the review, two figures are included in this set, and it’s just one set of many that you can collect. You can also get a single Champions set of Mr. Incredible for under $13, Frozone (we reviewed this one) for $9.84, and another 2-pack that includes Dash and baby Jack-Jack. The Dash action figure from this is the only full-size poseable figure available as he was not released with the original 13-inch dolls. I wish he was as I would like to see a true action-packed poseable doll for a character that is deemed as super fast. You cannot even bend this Dash figure's legs at the knees, which leaves a lot to be desired for an articulating figure. 

There are six points of articulation for the raccoon (that includes his tail), and fire Jack-Jack has five points of articulation. There are five points of articulation for both Dash and baby Jack-Jack. The figures are made of hard plastic, except where the raccoon's hands are which seem to be quite rubbery. Both action figures are built to withstand heavy play; don’t be too afraid to pose them and battle, because the joints are tight and are well made. 

Overall do not miss out on the Champions figures - these figures only add to the nostalgia and the imaginative play that is Incredibles 2 - the long awaited sequel, which did not disappoint where opening weekend broke so many records for an animated film. Disney and Pixar, as always, never cease to amaze their audiences. 14 years was definitely a long time, but the sequel to The Incredibles 2 was worth the wait!

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