Saturday, June 2, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Break Away Ballz Alex Toys Outdoor Break Your Toys! Puzzle Ball

Break Away Ballz by Alex Toys are the newest sensation for outdoor play! Get the kids out of the house to smash these super bouncy and totally gross balls! With Break Away Ballz you can bounce them, and break them open, and when you’re done playing put them back together with the easy handle foam puzzle pieces. You get a 3D foam puzzle bouncy ball, and another bouncy surprise toy inside. Is your mind totally blown yet? We got two Break Away Ballz to open, and inside was another ball even grosser than the outside! The theme here is gross, and totally fun. 

Break Away Ballz really got my kiddo moving! Each ball is 5” and contains the easy to reassemble foam pieces - the foam puzzle pieces are very, very sturdy and can withstand multiple bouncing and breaking against hard pavement! We even played with Break Away Ballz in the house - they’re fun to smash inside, but once that surprise bouncy ball breaks free - watch out, and hold on to your fine china! I would highly recommend playing with Break Away Ballz outside only! Geared for ages five and up, your kiddos will love Break Away Ballz! Collect all six unique, and intentionally creepy designs! 

Some characters that you can get are Brain Rage, Zombiesaurus Rex and Homer King! We got Brain Rage and Zombiesaurus Rex! Since the foam puzzle pieces are all the same size for each ball, have some fun, and mix your Break Away Ballz faces. 

We’re going to spice things up in our future YouTube videos and hide surprises inside! You can do the same, too, to really add to the element of play! 

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