Video and Toy Review: Nick Jr's Sunny Day Poseable Dolls Pop-in Style Dolls Blaire, Rox, Mix-up Accessor...

It’s a Sunny Day here at Tubey Toys, and we are unboxing the new poseable Sunny Day Pop-in Style Dolls by Mattel! Based on the wildly popular Nick Jr television show featuring Sunny, her puppy pal Doodle, and her merry band of hairstylist friends and manicurists in Friendship Falls. The show focuses on friendship, togetherness, and just has a happy vibe. My four year old son actually loves the show, so I was so excited to finally see some toys popping up! 

You can find these adorable and colorful dolls at Walmart for $9.98 each. There are three dolls to collect in this series; Pop-in Style Sunny, Pop-in Style Blaire, and Pop-in Style Rox. The dolls are just about six inches in height, they are partially articulated, and they come with a small collection of colorful accessories. Your dolls can borrow one another’s clothes, shoes, and accessories since they are all the same size! 

Pop in a headband, sunglasses, or even a multicolored hair extension into the one of the nine predrilled holes inside the doll’s head or at the back of her neck. I found the holes hard to find, and some holes were too small to pop in a headband. I doubt little kids will have any issue though! 

The dolls have small parts, so this is for ages three and up. For more imaginative play, get the Sunny Day Glam Vanity that transforms from Sunny’s van to a mobile beauty van for $49.97 also exclusive to Walmart!

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