Video and Toy Review: New Disney Pixar The Incredibles 2 Huge Haul Poseable Action Figures & Vehicles

We have a huge haul of Disney Pixar Incredibles 2 vehicles and poseable action figures, and stationary figures by Jakks Pacific. Jakks Pacific went out all in with The Incredibles 2 movie, and have released amazing collections of new toys just for the movie! Our collection is nearly complete - from action figures to stationary dolls, to poseable dolls that twist and turn and bend and kick - the possibilities are endless to having a truly imaginative and immersive play experience! 

To complete our poseable action figures, we still needed Mr. Incredible, and I found him on for $6.99. His joints are poseable, and he is very articulated, he just cannot bend his knees. I do love that he can stand on hi own - to me that is so important! We also review the Jakks Pacific Jack-Jack attack figures, there are five to collect in all, and they come packaged in a neat set for $9.99. You get Exploding Jack-Jack, Metallic Jack-Jack, Monster Jack-Jack, Baby Jack-Jack, and Jack-Jack in his super suit. We also needed to pick up Stretch-n-Stick Elastigirl, and you can get her on Amazon for $12.99. She is 6-inches in height, but you can stretch her further than that! You can only stick her metal, glass, plastic, and tile - I could not stick her to wood furniture or to a painted wall. Otherwise, she is really super stretchy and definitely worth the buy if you don’t want to get the Power Couple set. 

If you like to collect die-cast vehicles, Jakks Pacific released a collection of four die-cast vehicles for The Incredibles 2. There is The Underminer’s tunneler vehicle, and a vintage 1950’s police car. You can also get two different variations of Mr. Incredible’s Incredibile. One of the Incredibile vehicles has the blaster deployed, so you know Mr. Incredible is on the case for some villains, and he is driving super fast. I honestly cannot remember what I paid for the cars, but I do not think they are more than $3-4. However, it seems the scalpers have decided that these cars needs to be $20 for the set. 

photo credit: amazon seller/savoto inc

My favorite line of Incredibles 2 toys by Jakks Pacific are the Junior Supers (the Precool figures) for ages 3 and up. These dolls are super poseable, they all stand up on their own, and they are really versatile. We mix our Precool figures with our Fisher Price Imaginext play sets and vehicles, and they work great! You can purchase the whole family for about $14. I would not recommend purchasing the individual figures, unless it comes with a villain, which I have seen with Elastigirl and Screenslaver (a small hint to storyline of the film as well). There is also a set with Frozone and Violet, Mr. Incredible and Jack-Jack, and Mrs. Incredible with Dash. All of these two packs are on Amazon, but they are sold by private sellers, and the prices are very high! I would avoid the 2-packs until more figures arrive at Amazon or at other retailers.

There are various play sets and vehicles that go with the Junior Supers poseable action figures, and they are Elastigirl’s Elasticycle and Mr. Incredible’s Incredibile! Both vehicles have projectiles that launch, and there are also different moving parts for each vehicle that make them really unique. Elastigirl’s Elasticycle comes with an Elastigirl figure in her purple super suit. The elasticycle’s wheels extends with the touch of the Elastigirl button, and Elastigirl conforms to the seat of the cycle perfectly. You can also attach and detach a sidecar that all three kids can fit in beautifully! The best part is that it comes with two white translucent projectiles to fire at the enemy, possibly Screenslaver! Elastigirl’s Elasticycle retails for $14.99. 

Another fun vehicle to get is Mr. Incredible’s Incredibile. The set comes with a Mr. Incredible Junior Supers figure, and it retails for $14.99. The Incredibile is Mr. Incredible’s snazzy vehicle that has some fun and thrilling capabilities! Shoot at your enemy with the two red projectiles that will quick fire with the touch of the red incredible button at the center of the hood. Press down on the seat to quick release the hood and the launchers. While riding the vehicle, notice the rotating boosters for a real moving effect! 

Other play sets and vehicles that you can get is the Hydroliner Playset for $34.99, and The Underminer’s Tunneler Vehicle set for $24.99. Those will be reviewed on our channel very soon!

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