Video and Toy Review: Disney Princess Jasmine Playset & Magical Movers Castle by Hasbro

We now have added Princess Jasmine to our collection with her adorable Magic Carpet playset. Make Princess Jasmine twirl and dance with the help of her magical genie lamp charger. Princess Jasmine comes with fun accessories like elephant cookies and a tiara sleep mask. You can find the playset online at Amazon, or even at the Disney Store for $16.95. For a better deal, try shopping at a liquidating Toys R Us for up to 40% off for even bigger savings! 

We had a lot of fun adding Princess Jasmine to the twirling, swirling Princess confusion - when you get them all going it's truly a magical sight! The Princesses bop into one another in a comical way, but when they get their groove right, their swirling motions are mesmerizing to watch! For anyone who loves Disney Princess toys, these sets by Hasbro are the perfect birthday gift idea! Check out our video for some inspiration, and leave a comment there as well! 

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