Thursday, May 17, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Disney Pixar Incredibles 2 Elastigirl Stretch Super Soft Plush Stretch Doll Toy Review

Elastigirl Stretch Plush by Just Play toys is the perfect combination of soft and stretchy, so for those with the love of stretchy things, this toy is for you. Don’t expect a stretchable, stretch Armstrong-esque experience, do expect soft and cuddly plush, and limbs that will stretch over two feet long! 

Elastigirl is wearing her red super suit, the Incredibles logo is in vinyl fabric, and her face has embroidered features, which is very well done! Elastigirl is very soft and the perfect soft toy for any one aged three and up, however, our nine month old son took a real liking to her. There are no small parts that you have to worry about, but you should watch out for overly stretching her, I heard some tears at the seams, but there must be several layers of fabric as I did not see any rips.

Overall, for $14.97, the Elastigir stretch plush doll is a wonderful deal! I think one of the best deals for Incredibles 2 toys. I am so happy with this line from Just Play, and I cannot wait to see more Incredibles 2 toys by Just Play. For the price point this is the perfect gift for your little Incredibles fan!

Be sure to watch our video below, and leave a comment with what you thought of the new Elastigirl plush doll!

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