Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Toy Review: Calling all Brides! Perfect Flower Girl Gift for Your Mini Me! LottieDoll, Flower Girl Lottie Royal Wedding


To commemorate the upcoming royal wedding, LottieDolls will release an adorable and sweet flower girl named Lottie. The flower girl is just one of many dolls within the LottieDolls line that encourages young girls that they can be anything they dream to be - from Princess to Maths Teacher to Astronaut, a doll from the LottieDolls collection will be sure to delight and inspire

Meticulously designed, Lottie the flower girl is the perfect gift from brides to be to their own flower girl; this is the perfect gift! Lottie the flower girl would be fitting for any little Princess in your life with her intricately designed satin flower girl dress, her own posy, perfect pumps, and meticulously designed flower headband; there is truly no detail left out. Even the LottieDoll flower girl box is one to mesmerize, and treasure as the doll stands in the frame of a stoned archway, think the medieval stone and ironwork of St. George’s Chapel- the same chapel where the royal nuptials will be held. The LottieDoll flower girl, Lottie, is from Arklu’s Gold Collection Inspired by Real Kids Royal Collection, grab this cutie for your little one aged three and up. Lottie’s box comes with a neat handle, and perfectly packaged to bestow as a gift for making your special day even more special with her as your flower girl. 


Look up close at the fine details of the LottieDoll’s pin straight hair, her features are just so sweet! I sincerely appreciate a doll of this caliber, especially one with such a strong and empowering message of “Be Brave, Be Bold, Be You.” The message alone will give your little one the courage to walk before you the down the aisle. 


The story behind the LottieDolls are quite fascinating. The developers actually guessed what the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge daughter’s name would be two years before she was even born, Charlotte, and from that Lottie was born! The LottieDolls feature an amazing collection of dolls that inspire young girls, encourage diversity, and embody strength. 

Life-like dolls of the Prince and Princess on their wedding day. 

The LottieDoll flower girl will also include an art card designed by a child — the artwork card designer is the winner of the Inspired by Real Kids competition. Meghan Markle, royal bride to be, was a real kid activist when she was younger, and that kind of tenacity and courage is welcomed within the message of LottieDolls. It is only fitting that a LottieDoll flower girl help and inspire other little flower girls! The message of LottieDolls is truly inspiring. Sold in over 30 countries, these poseable dolls have been in the hands of the Prince of Wales to the sweet little hands of his granddaughter, Charlotte, and even accompanied Tim Peake on his mission to the International Space Station further illustrating the message that your dreams will take you to new heights. 

Prince Charles surverying the latest LottieDolls. 
Even if you're not getting married, and don't need a wedding gift to say thanks to your little one, LottieDolls still make the perfect gift! From Stargazer to Equestrian, you can be anything with LottieDolls! LottieDolls even have their own accessories and playsets, get the stable along with the PonyClub LottieDoll for your future equestrian. For your little astronomer, get the StarGazer LottieDoll, and she even comes with her own telescope to further explore the heavens! LottieDolls are suitable for boys or girls, and when your little guy doesn't want a girl doll, get the JuniorReporter LottieDoll named Sammi! He comes with his own notepad and pencil. LottieDolls truly inspire, and will ignite your little one's imagination!

At $24.95, the LottieDoll flower girl price point is very reasonable for such high quality and such a strong message for such a beautiful keepsake. Pre-order yours now for a June 2018 release.

From Fairies to Bookworms, you can be anything with your LottieDoll!

Congratulations to Prince Harry and his bride to be, Meghan Markle. Congratulations for all brides and flower girls to be!

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