Monday, May 7, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Disney Princess Magic Movers Twirling Figures by Hasbro Featuring Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle

Disney’s Princess collection is always innovative, fun, and magical with its glitter gliding Princesses to fast change wardrobe changes with magic clip dresses. When I saw the Magical Movers collection, I was intrigued, what could Disney and Hasbro do to make the previous product lines pale in comparison? Magical Movers shines, though, with super charged princesses twirling and swirling on the dance floor of the Magical Movers play sets, or even your wood floor! 

We unboxed the Beauty and the Beast Dance n’Twirl Ballroom Magical Movers castle, which includes Belle and a bunch of familiar friends, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Chip, the wardrobe Madame de La Grande Bouche, and Sultan the dog as the footstool, which is the charger pull! We also unboxed the Cinderella set with stable, and pony friend, Princess Ariel, and Princess Rapunzel. There are so many others to collect like Snow White, and Princess Jasmine! For ages four and up, your little princesses, your little princes too, will appreciate the whirling twirling action! The Princesses zoom and twirl magically. The twirling action works like a super charged top, and each Princess has their own unique details. Princess Ariel’s dress has beautiful shell scalloped details going down the skirt of her gown. Princess Rapunzel’s long, golden hair is tied up in a neat braid. Cinderella’s shoes are the beautiful shade of light blue. We had so much fun trying to get all of our Princesses on the dance floor, but it turned into royal madness! 

There are play sets, and princesses sold with just their chargers. The play sets include specific elements from the film that any Disney buff would recognize. We unboxed Princess Cinderella’s play set that included a charger, a horse stable, a carrot, a horse brush, and a moving horse! The horse moves when you place a charged up Cinderella on top, and the horse gallops in a comical way. It seemed sometimes that he was running away from us, which we thought was very cute and silly! There is also a Princess Jasmine play set that includes a magic carpet! The Beauty and the Beast play set has a dance floor fit for twirling, and a balcony that features Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, and Chip - the characters twirl when you place any charged up Princess inside! When you charge up your Princess, Cogsworth’s clock hands go bonkers!

There are so many magical elements to each of the Disney Princess Magical Movers sets by Hasbro that we just have to collect them all! The individual princesses and their charges retail for $7.99 each. The Dance n’Twirl ballroom retails for $19.99. The play sets retail for $14.99. The price points are perfect for gifts, because you don’t need to complete collection to enjoy many swirling, twirling hours of immersive, imaginative playtime fun!

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