Video and Toy Review: The BEST Incredibles 2 Toy to Buy For Your Kiddo - Fightin' Fun Jack-Jack by Just Play

Fightin' Fun Jack-Jack by Just Play is so cute and fun! For $25 you can find him on Amazon right now! Jack-Jack is 15” tall, and he moves like the wind! When you squeeze his left hand, he reacts by giggling wildly, and walking his little baby feet across the room! Jack-Jack is wearing his red super suit pajamas and adorable raccoon slippers. The raccoon is the character from the movie that exposes Jack-Jack's superpowers to Mr. Incredible. Jack-Jack says many fun phrases from the Incredibles 2 movie, and even explodes, he laughs so much that he loses his breath, and he also attacks!

The Jack-Jack doll is super cuddly, and a very well made plush doll with beautifully done embroidery details. Jack-Jack's eyes also light up after a few prompts; he lights up and stands still, or he lights up and walks at the same time! He has his red tuft of hair at the top of his head, and his arms feel like they can pose, but I would not recommend it as his arms move on their own when he is activated to walk. 

We paired up our own little baby boy with the walking Jack-Jack, and he loved the Jack-Jack doll. Soon after, he was trying to walk after seeing Jack-Jack do it. The baby found Jack-Jack to be very funny, especially when he went into Jack-Jack Attack mode! We had a baby vs Jack-Jack race, and even turned off all of the lights to see what it would look like to have glowing eyes walk to you at night! 

Fightin' Fun Jack-Jack is engaging, and a fun, exciting toy to watch when he in action! We couldn’t stop laughing whenever he fell over and was still walking. The doll is comical, but will also teach your little one to let loose a bit, and not have to be so regimented in play. We love this toy for that little fact - it's just fun to be silly. From the moment we unboxed Jack-Jack until bed time, we have been squeezing that tiny little plush hand! For the price point, I think it is worth it, especially because it has so many capabilities. Your little ones will love this doll! This is the doll to get if you’re in the market for a talking Jack-Jack doll. 

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