Baby Toys Review: Incredibles 2 Shape Sorter - An Incredible Line of The Incredibles 2 Soft Toys, Teethers, Baby Activity Blanket by Lamaze

Lamaze hit all of the marks with their Incredibles 2 baby toys line. The line includes a collection of soft toys to rattles to teethers. My little was delighted the moment I removed the toys from the package. You should know that everythnig is machine washable, and does not require any batteries. All of the tires are safe for babies 0+ months and up. The Incredibles 2 toys by Lamaze feature all of the characters from The Incredibles that you know and love with the addition of Jack-Jack's nemesis, the raccoon. 

The Lamaze Incredibles 2 line includes the perfect selection of soft toys that make sounds, are squeezable, jingle and jangle, squeak, and crinkle. Ever wonder why your baby loves the crinkly sounds of paper? Yeah, me too. I know it fulfills some sensory need - I am no baby scientist, I am just a Mom who loves toys and her kids! All I know is that my kids couldn’t get enough of a paper bag, and my youngest swipes the bag of baby wipes just to get a hold of that awesome crinkly sound! 

The Lamaze Disney/Pixar Incredibles Soft Shape Sorter provides that tactile, sensory fulfillment and then some! With its monochromatic colors, pops of red and orange, this soft toy provides many opportunities for sensory play and will strengthen baby’s fine motor skills. Baby can grab the shaped pieces and make them crinkle, rattle, jingle, or even squeak! Squeaking was a favorite of our nine month old, and our four year old! The sounds will liven up and awaken their auditory awareness with the shaped pieces, and the exploding Jack-Jack flap that is just a piece of crinkly baby paper goodness! When baby’s fine motor skills are really fine-tuned, he or she will be able to shape sort with the soft pieces allowing this toy to grow with your child well into the age of toddler-dom! The Lamaze Disney/Pixar Incredibles Soft Shape Sorter encourages play with partner, so parents and/or siblings can join in the fun! To make it exciting for all, why not create a little play with the characters on each shaped piece? You can play hide-and-go-seek with The Incredibles’ Parr Family by hiding each piece inside of the soft shape sorter box. Your baby will delight in the shapes, feels, and sounds of this toy, especially the familiar characters like their alter-ego, Baby Jack-Jack! Baby can also learn colors, and enjoy the sights and monochromatic artwork on the fabric. 

I highly recommend this toy for your budding Disney/Pixar fan! At the price point of $24.99, every Disney/Pixar fan needs this in their kiddo’s toy box! Right now, Dahlings! Buy it on Amazon today!

Stay tuned for more reviews to come as I went baby crazy and bought every single Incredibles 2 item by Lamaze! Well worth it, because my baby loves every single toy! Way to go Lamaze!

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