Thursday, May 31, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Hydrate, Create, and Serve on a Plate! Orbeez Magic Chef Perfect Toy for the Budding Chef Toy Review!

For review, we have the Magic Chef Set by Maya Toys! Turn precious Orbeez into finely crushed ingredients to create your very own meals and desserts! Warning to all - you cannot eat anything that you create; it’s just for fun! You can purchase this set on the Maya Toys website or at Target and Walmart. Geared toward ages eight and up, your budding Chef will have so much fun hydrating, crushing, forming, and serving up Orbeez delights! If you don’t want to wait for your Orbeez to hydrate pick up the Orbeez Mega Pack with 2000 Orbeez pre-grown! 

The Magic Chef Set includes many different colored packets of Orbeez beads for you to grow, 30+ accessories like molds and spatula, eight recipe cards, the Orbeez fine crushing machine, and a handy stand for your recipe card. If you don’t want to create what’s on the card, use your imagination to create your own dishes! Stay tuned to our channel for upcoming videos with our own easy to do Orbeez recipes! Keep in mind, if you want to play this, you need at least four hours in advance to get the play started - it is all fun in the prep and the mise en place! To complete a wonderful gift, pair it with some already hydrated Orbeez. One more handy tidbit, the Orbeer fine crusher has suction cups at the bottom of it which will you keep the crusher in place while turning the handle. Honestly, it took us a couple of tries to get the Orbeez crushed just right, but we got the hang of it in no time!

Not only can you be creative, but there are so many elements of learning to be had with the Orbeez Magic Chef set, too! My son is four years, this set was a bit too advanced for him, but he got the basic concepts of measuring fairly quickly for his age. The fact that you measure in equal parts is always very helpful. Hone your fine motor skills by picking up the tiny Orbeez beads with the spoon, and transfer from one container to another. You can also learn patience and the very hard to manage skill of following directions! I even ignored the recipe card for my own recipe, so even later in life, it’s a tough nut to crack! 

Big thank you to Maya Toys for sending us so many amazing Orbeez sets to review! Be sure to leave a comment on which recipe you want us to do next! 

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