Video and Toy Review: Beaker Creatures Science Kids Experiment with Fizzy Surprise Pods, Video of Fluffy Alien Slime Time and Unboxing Review!

Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab, $24.99, 5+

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Pre-order Beaker Creatures too and get it after June 8 on Amazon!

Collectibles can really start to collect dust, but with Learning Resources new Beaker Creatures, your collection will surpass the blind bag opening stage! Extract, learn, and explore this new world of science-themed collectibles! Each reactor pod includes an adorable alien - they came to Earth looking for a new place to explore. You can make them feel at home by creating slime like we did in our video! The Liquid Reactor Super Lab set is $24.99 and will be available June 1st! The set is also a working lab where you can place your reactor pod in the cup, fill your tubes with water with the syringe, and watch your alien fizz outside of the reactor pod!  

You can pre-order the Liquid Reactor Pod set now on the Learning Resources website, or order it on Amazon (site says available to ship June 8)! This set is on trend with hands-on learning coupled with the love of collecting! The fun doesn’t stop, because reactor pods are sold separately for $4.99. There are other sets for your budding scientists to explore like the Magnification Chamber for $16.99 and the Bio-Home with two reactor pods for $9.99. There are 35 Beaker Creatures to collect in all from five different families. Your kiddo even has the chance to collect the Limited Edition 24-carat Mystery figure! For ages five and up, your kiddos will spend hours exploring, studying, and hypothesizing the wonder and science behind Beaker Creatures! 

Learning Resources encourages learning through play, and they have exceeded with this interactive and engaging STEM set. Not only can you uncover little alien friend collectibles, but you can mix colors together with food coloring, or make slime with their easy to follow slime recipes. 

We look forward to experimenting more with our set. Our video is proof that we had a blast — it’s 20 minutes long, but edited down from two hours of hands-on STEM fun, we had some bathroom and diaper change breaks in between of course!!! 

Learning Resources sent us the Liquid Reactor Super Lab set for our honest review. Order your Beaker Creatures now at or find them on Amazon! 

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