Video and Toy Review: Disney Pixar Incredibles 2 Violet Interactive Talking Poseable Doll by Thinkway Toys

I have finally located Violet! Yes! I found her at Toys R Us, and got her for $26.99. The Violet Interactive Poseable doll by Thinkway Toys comes with her very own force field, and she says over 30 phrases! Violet can also stand on her clear stand, and have clever conversations with the other members of the Parr family. However, the Violet I purchased just so happened to be a dud! Violet could not communicate with her family. 

You can see in my video that I tried different ways to reset her first by changing her batteries, holding down the IR Talk button, pressing all of the figures’ buttons for a few seconds, holding down the IR Talk and Try Me button at the same time — nothing worked. I contacted Thinkway Toys today, and am hopeful that they get back to me soon for a replacement Violet doll. Overall, glitch aside, Violet has multiple points of articulation, a detachable force field shield in a beautiful translucent purple, a lovely molded head, and body with pristine paint; she is gorgeous! I am so happy that I finally found her, and I cannot wait to hear her speak to her family.  

When you have all five figures connected with their stands, it’s 19 inches in diameter. The display is epic and will take a bit of shelf real estate up. All in all, this is a sweet collection. If they all worked, it would have been even better! Hopefully, I will get a response back from Thinkway Toys soon. 

Have you seen this happen in other videos? Do you have Violet? Was she able to interact with the other dolls? 

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