Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Video and Toy Review: The Incredibles 2 Toys Jack Jack Attacks Poseable Lights & Sounds Doll

Jack Jack Attacks doll is the cutest, most adorable cutie-pie doll that I have ever played with! Not only is Jack-Jack Parr the most cutest Incredible family member, he is the most powerful with his out of control super powers, no one knows how far Jack-Jack will go! Watch him explode, watch him spark, and then hear him laugh and giggle when you give him a tickle. 

The Jack-Jack Attacks doll made by Jakks Pacific, and it is for ages three and up. In the box, you get lights and sounds Jack-Jack, and you get the raccoon that helps Jack-Jack realize his full powers. The raccoon is super cute with his extra furry, bushy tail. The raccoon can only turn his head a full 360-degrees, so he is not fully articulated. Jack-Jack, however, is pretty pose-able in that his hands turn a full 360-degrees, his head does not turn at all, and you can move his legs from sitting to standing positions. 

There are three modes of play for Jack-Jack, press his belly down to tickle him and hear him laugh and giggle, press and hold down his belly to hear him cycle through his powers, and finally, press his belly multiple times to watch him explode! Jack-Jack’s head lights up red, his body flickers like sparks flying, and his eyes light up blue, too!

You can find Jack-Jack at Target for $39.99. He is a bit pricey, but he is definitely a very cool addition to your Incredibles 2 toys. We are seriously loving everything that Jakks Pacific have released for this product line so far - from poseable dolls to action figures to large play sets, the possibilities are endless for imaginative play! 

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