Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Have a blast with BUILD or BOOM by Goliath Games!

Build or Boom is an explosively fun game perfect for the pre-schoolers in your life, and adults, too! Be the fastest to build your structure before your opponent, or your block tower is going down! With an innovative way to play, and no batteries required, your family game nights will be action packed!

To play the game, each player is given a platform where they will build their tower. The opponent has control of the dynamite connected to the other player’s platform! Pull a blueprint card and be the first to stack the blocks just like the card! The first player to finish stacking the blocks first can knock down their opponent’s stack with the dynamite! Watch the stack of blocks tumble down in all their explosive glory! There are three different levels of difficulty represented on each card in the form of hammers, one hammer is easy to three hammers being the hardest. 

Build or Boom is really so much fun! The game moves so fast, and the first player to reach 10 points (10 booms!) wins! There are no batteries to install, no fussy directions, or fighting to see who goes first. You unbox the game, set it up, and start playing! We made the game even more interesting by adding some prizes at the end. 

Analytical skills, STEM skills, good sportsmanship will be strengthened, and the fun levels will rise higher than the blocks that are built on the blueprint cards! My four year old son didn’t even realize he was strengthening his skills while playing this game, which is parenting toy gold! The fun doesn’t have to stop there either! He even played with the blocks after we finished our game by stacking the blocks, and even knocked them down for fun!

The story behind Build or Boom started on Kickstarter, where the inventor, Tanner Yarro, took his idea to showcase it to potential backers. Build or Boom is dedicated to his late grandfather, and the construction worker in the game, Ralphie, is modeled after him and his construction worker background. I love a toy with a story, and this one just warmed by heart. My great grandfather was one of the construction workers who built the World Trade Center in the 1970’s, so reading Yarro’s, story made my heart go b-b-boom-boom!

You can find Build or Boom by Goliath Games at Walmart! It’s geared for ages four and up! I think it is the perfect addition to your family game night board game cache! Start stacking blocks, and build stronger family bonds and your fine motor skills!

Thank you Goliath Games for sending us Build or Boom to review! We are having a blast!

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