Saturday, April 7, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Baby Jack-Jack Baby Gift Set by Jakks Pacific Perfect Soft Toy for Your Toddler! Disney Pixar The Incredibles 2

Baby Jack-Jack from The Incredibles is so super cute, so I was very happy to see that they have just a simple plush, soft toy for the littlest kiddos to enjoy. Jakks Pacific rolled out a huge line of Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles 2 toys for spring 2018, and they are all amazing toys! 

Jack Jack Baby Gift Set can only be found at Toys R Us. Once Toys R Us closes, you will not be able to find the Baby Jack Jack Gift Set anymore as this item may even be stickered for another store!

Baby Jack Jack comes with his own The Incredibles logo baby blanket, a baby bottle with The Incredibles logo, and raccoon pacifier, and his very own removable mask! Baby Jack Jack is ready to catch some bad guys. His soft body is filled with beans for ultimate squishiness. His big head features his big baby blue eyes. and cute little two bottom teeth poking through his gums. Jack Jack’s adorable red hair feels real to the touch and is styled so sweetly! Geared for kiddos aged three and up, your kiddo will be cuddling and snuggling with baby Jack-Jack toot suite!

Jakks Pacific’s The Incredibles 2 line is vast in size from prei-schooler figures to large interactive toys, Jakks Pacific has you covered for your The Incredibles 2 toy needs! We have Elastigirl, Edna, and Violet posable dolls to unbox for you. We are missing one doll, Mr. Incredible and Jack-Jack. I did not see a Dash doll, but I am sure they have something for you in the posable range. 

The Jakks Pacific posable dolls are also available! Check out our videos and blog for more information on all of the latest toys featuring The Incredibles! 

The dolls are $16.99 each, and I purchased these from a Toys R Us that is closing near us, so I got them for 10% off.  Jakks Pacific makes quality products, so they really left stone unturned with the looks and play of these dolls. Edna Mode, for example, is wearing  The Incredibles logo underoos! How cute is that?! Edna is a short little thing, and inside her box she even has a cardboard pedestal. Jakks is always adding in those funny touches to their products and packaging that I truly appreciate! 

Elastigirl and Violet have removable masks, and the masks have a removable adhesive at the back, so when it sticks to the doll’s face, you can easily remove the mask without leaving any residue. I am not sure if they will have street clothes for them, which I think would be a nice touch! They are not the typical doll size (11.5”), so you won’t be able to put a Barbie outfit on Elastigirl, you may be able to on Violet. 

Elastigirl cannot stretch her arms, but she is very flexible! The way these dolls can move is action packed, and will make for some great stop motion videos! I’m already envisioning it now, which is why I’m off in a dash to search for more The Incredibles 2 dolls!

Which was your favorite doll? Out of all of the The Incredibles 2 toys we reviewed so far, which is your favorite?

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