Thursday, April 12, 2018

10+ Summer Essentials! BigMouth Inc's Summer '18 Line Up from Lil to Giant - Beat the Heat in Style!

Finally! Spring has sprung! My hometown of New York City finally has some sunshine, and I am getting the “-ITUS,” need sunshine-itus, that is. We have been cooped up inside for just too long, and I am itching for some summer fun! Thankfully, BigMouth Inc. has come up with some amazing new designs to old favorites, and totally new products for their Summer 2018 product line! 

BigMouth went ginormous at New York Toy Fair this year — that booth was brimming with summer fun! They are known for large and in charge floats that command the crystal blue and salty seas, and will add a dash of class and a wallop of fun to your next pool party, beach party, or summer barbecue!

The new Lil Float line will be sure to delight your kiddos — choose from a fun and whimsical design like Sparkles the Unicorn (Target Exclusive) with real pizazz of glitter inside the float. The Lil Float line has the character and charisma of the BigMouth giant floats, and the added safety so your little ones can kick, and swim with ease. They won’t even notice that they’re being so safe! Made of a rich and durable vinyl, the Lil Floats can withstand the summer heat again and again! The Lil Floats are also super easy to clean after each use. Lil Floats are for kiddies ages one to three years old, and up to 45 lbs. Some of your favorite styles can be found at now for an eye popping low price of $14.99! You can match your littles and big kids together with the large floats for ages eight and up, too! From a roarsome t-rex Lil Floats to Lucky Duck Lil Float, your littles will be, as my son says, “all prune-y” all summer long! 

Every pool party requires good food, the music pumpin’, and ice cold drinks! Who wants to leave the pool when your parched from all of those games of Marco Polo? Not me, that’s for sure! BigMouth has the answer to quench your thirst! Your drinks will be floating in BigMouth style from fantastical unicorns, to nostalgic penny candy drink floats, mystical mermaid tails, or sneaky shnook pirate ships - your single drinks won’t sink! When it’s a party of one, get the single floats (they come in two packs!), or for parties of two or more, splurge and get the beverage boat! You can fit up to four drinks all snuggly, and they come in a variety of super fun designs - the banana beverage boat, inflatable piƱata beverage boat, or the palm tree beverage boat. Don’t forget the food, BigMouth truly elevates the pool party scene with floating inflatable buffets, as well as inflatable drink coolers! These are essential, people, they are the outdoor party supplies that you did know that you needed! 

With this next product, your outdoor pool party will go from awesome to over the top to the extreme in less time it takes to burn a birthday candle! Standing at nearly 7 feet tall, the ultimate, the gigantic, biggest unicorn sprinkler known to mankind will shadow over you and your kids, showering you with crisp, refreshing water cooling you off in seconds from the blistery summer sun. Everyone loves the unicorn now, even more than my awesome 80’s self, so the unicorn is a must for your unicorn obsessed kiddos! Circus themed party? Purchase the elephant instead, and it will fit right in to your theme! Want to celebrate Jurassic World 2 coming out this June? Get the dinosaur sprinkler to wreak wet havoc on your guests! All three choices are $49.99 each, and are available at Don’t have a theme? Buy one of these amazing, behemoth sprinklers to just be the envy of your whole neighborhood, there is plenty of splash to go around. Heck, get two and have a sprinkler-off: the wettest person gets to dry the kitchen floor! 

BigMouth’s amazing line of giant pool floats got an extreme makeover with the cutest additions! Pair them with their new Lil Floats line to match your little cuties, or buy them alone to stand out at your next beach or pool soiree! From giant man eating shark floats to giant unicorn floats that really do have sparkles, your social status as pool float connoisseur will rise higher than a big kahuna. Also added to the giant floats line is a purple frosted donut (the pink frosted donut’s fraternal twin sister!), a giant mermaid tail (hot item for sure!), a giant cotton candy float with sparkles, and so many more! 

Personally, I love pool noodles, and for Summer 2018, they have a giant toothbrush and a giant straw — you cannot get much cooler than that! I foresee a lot of silly selfies and snaps with these giant pool noodle floats, which is okay with me. Last year's pickle was a dilly of a hit!

BigMouth also introduced new baby pools for the kiddos, and this is right up my alley! I don’t have a huge pool for these giant, amazing floats! I have a small yard with small kids, and they need to be kept cool and contained. BigMouth came to the rescue with these adorably designed, and super colorful kiddie pools. Designed with kids in mind, you can choose from a cheeseburger Lil’ pool, a pink frosted donut, or a watermelon pool. I love the cheeseburger pool, because those seeds all over the pool are so fun to look at, and they are making me hungry! I can hear the sizzle from the grill already! The best part is when you're done, they are super easy to store, because they fold up completely flat. No fussing around the hose to clean out the dirty pool that wasn't emptied properly, no evicting the bugs that moved in after the last pool day - unfold, inflate, fill, and splash in minutes!

BigMouth’s line of beach umbrellas for summer 2018 are just the bees knees. With five unique and fun designs to choose from you can save your pretty skin, keep cool, and just look cool, too. The colors are so bright, and beautiful. Choose from the sugar skull beach umbrella (my absolute favorite!), the tasty cheeseburger beach umbrella, the juicy watermelon (those seeds, though), a pepperoni pizza beach umbrella (you had me at pepp—), and of course, the frosted donut beach umbrella. Which one would you choose? My son would say, “all of them,” but I would have to choose the sugar skull. The sugar skull beach umbrella’s colors are just so happy, and I think the sun would love looking at it. 

Is this not the prettiest beach umbrella ever?!

Gone campin’, or glampin’? Well, do the do in style with your very own river tubes. Channel your inner Tom Sawyer, and take the loungin’ log out for a spin with your handy drink holder, you can even connect to your friends with the handy dandy grab n’latch rope. Logs not your thing? How about the buckin’ bronco raft, the driftin’ duck, the beautiful butterfly, or the eager beaver (my fave!)? Sit comfortably on top of a mesh seat, which is necessary to achieve the ultimate lounge. 

Finally, catch some rays in style atop a giant beach blanket in full technicolor! From a gigantic peace to a gigantic sushi roll beach blanket, there is literally something for all. I am all about coordinating my beach and pool supplies, so I would pair my giant man-eating shark float with a new gigantic shark blanket. You may want to be bold and pair a gigantic buttered toast blanket with a giant starfish float, I am the last person to judge!

Were you invited to the party? Don’t show up empty handed! Arrive with gifts for the whole fam — Mom will appreciate a 750ml drinking vessel that looks like an entire wine glass and bottle had a baby, and she can use it for iced coffee, or “water.” Dad will appreciate the donut and mug combo, or even the beerzilla drinking glass that will hold three bottles of beer. The kids will enjoy hiding their treasures inside of genially designed cans of Hormel chili — the secret is inside the can - there is no chili, just a hollow can for treasures! 

BigMouth, Inc. brought it this summer, and with BigMouth by your side, the possibilities for one crazy summer are endless! BigMouth is also known for their amazing prank and gag gifts from farting tooters, to doo-doo head masks, big baby crying heads, functional and fun lunch bags, as well as, USB charging lights so you can take the party with you where ever you go! Do you have any BigMouth, Inc. products? Which ones are your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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