Video and Toy Review: Multishot 2-in1 Mini Game Table

Challenge your friends and family to knock hockey or table soccer with Multishot! Multishot is a two-in-one mini game table that will appease your inner gamer. Take yo

Perfect for a rainy day or family game night, Multishot couples your favorite game room games air hockey with soccer! Two games in one, play knock hockey and soccer with pinball style flappers. You don’t even need batteries to play, and set up once unboxed is super easy! 

Keep score with easy with the handy score keeper. For ages six and up, this two player game will keep you revved and your fine motor skills fine tuned! Watch out for small parts as there are small hockey pucks, soccer balls, and paddles. You can find Multishot on and at Walmart. 

We made it silly and fun, and had our Incredibles 2 dolls by Jakks Pacific play! For ages six and up, it was a little hard for my four year old to maneuver the paddle. 

What do you think of this game? For the very lose price point of under $14 on Amazon and at Walmart, you cannot beat how affordable the game is, and will pay for itself in a few games!

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