Thursday, April 26, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Disney Pixar Incredibles 2 Poseable Action Figures, Mini Play Sets by Jakks Pacific

Our collection of Incredibles 2 toys just grew a bit more with the addition of more Jakks Pacific play sets, and action figures. I really love how all of the toys so far are very articulated allowing play time to be chock full of imagination, and I also appreciate how much detail went into the production of each toy. 

Adding to the our collection are the new mini figure play sets including Elastigirl, Frozone, and Mr. Incredible. Each character has their own diorama of sorts that can do something different, and each set will add to the evolution o the character’s storyline. Elastigirl is in a boiler room with an exploding boiler, Mr. Incredible is stopping the Undemrinewr’s drill, and Frozone is sliding down his iceberg with the tap of the water hydrant, and if you tap hydrant again and Frozone made it down the slide okay, watch Frozen flip himself or the bad guy! Each set is $9.99 each and comes with their own mini figure. You can get the mini figure from the mystery blind box, but I think this is a much bigger bang for your buck! Easily display your mini mystery figures with these mini play sets - they also “connect” together! 

We also unbox the action figures that are poseable and so much fun to play with and they include Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack set, Frozone, and Elastigirl. There is also a 4-inch Mr. Incredible, but I opted not to get him. Super Speed Dash is a rip cord vehicle that zooms once you rip the cord from his dust! His legs move in a fun, comical way and he can hit targets or just dash around! Chain Bustin’ Mr. Incredible is 6” action figure that will bust out of his chains Houdini-style with the squeeze of his massive superhero legs! 

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