Video and Toy Review: Whiffer Sniffers SERIES 6 Scented, Yummy Collectible Plush Backpack Clips

Whiffer Sniffers Series 6 are here, and they smell so good, it should be a crime to sniff them! Get a whiff of Waffle Aaron, a heavenly breakfast food smothered in buttery goodness and warm syrup, take a sniff and be instantly transported to Sunday breakfast where the coffee is served hot, and the milk ice cold. Get a load of the Series 6 Holiday Sniffer perfect for Easter, Willy Hyde, he smells like  super sweet candy and sugary peeps. 

Each Whiffer Sniffer is packaged in a scent sealed capsule that keeps each Whiffer Sniffer character certified fresh upon opening. Series 6 Whiffer Sniffers include characters like Chill Bill a rainbow slushy drink, Danny Dipperelli a strawberry dipped in fragrant, sweet chocolate, rainbow firecracker pop Apollo Freeze sniffer and more! 

We were sent a bunch of plush sniffers to open, but you can also get squishers as well! The sniffers and squishers both come with handy hang tags to make collecting super easy, and addicting! The smells alone will want you to keep collecting all of them, because they really hold their scents! Let people know when you’re coming and going by attaching your sniffer to your backpack or purse! 

With over 12 to collect in Series 6, the sniffing possibilities are endless! For collectors who like to gamble, you can also purchase a Whiffer Sniffer mystery pack, and collect limited edition sniffers like Ima Bubblepopper or Missy Muffintop. Each Mystery Pack comes with its own trading card with a fun biography for your sniffer. 

We love our collection so far! Do you have any Whiffer Sniffers? Stay tuned for an amazing give away of Whiffer Sniffers coming soon!

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