Video and Review: Disney Tsum Tsum TSUM CITY Mad Hatter's Hat Shop Set by Jakks Pacific

We unboxed the super adorable Tsum City Mad Hatter's Hat Shop set by Jakks Pacific. You can buy this set pretty anywhere like at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, and on Amazon for $14.99 each, which is a great value - it's not 10/6, but still a great price. 

The Mad Hatter Hat Shop set is just so cute! It includes an exclusive fuzzy Mad Hatter medium tsum tsum. You also get two small tsum tsum vinyl figures: Lady and Pascal! There is an array of fun hat for everyone to wear drying the mad hatter’s party - a Peter Pan hat, a Princess hat that I really couldn’t make out, and Queen of Heart’s crown. Along with the hats for the small tsum tsums, the White Rabbit’s pocket watch and Queen of Hearts red roses are included as well! The Mad Hatter's shop has open and close doors and windows, a cute sign attaches to the top, and you can fit your small, medium, or large tsums inside each doorway and window. Check out our video for a closer look!

I would love to have seen some color change tsum tsum included in this set, or even color change accessories - the red roses go from red to white, possibly. I would also love to see new tsum tsum like The March Hare, and the dormouse! 

Last year’s Jakks booth at the D23 Expo revealed all of the potential Tsum City sets coming out in the fall and spring. The only one we are missing is the Pet Shop, which I think is going to be super cute! The Pet Shop looked so detailed with the various "pets" of Disney. I do hope they come out with it soon! 

What do you think of the Mad Hatter set, and do you think it fits within Tsum City? The next Tsum City set is Tsum Tails featuring The Little Mermaid, which ones do you think they need to do next (besides the Pet Shop)? Which Disney movies need to be showcases and immortalized in tsum tsum form?

Let us know in the comments below!

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