Thursday, March 15, 2018

Video and Toy Review: Underwater Adventures Splashlings Dream Time Shell with 2 Exclusive Splashlings!

You may know Splashlings from their adorably designed blind boxes, which are small shells with two uniquely themed aquatic figures inside. We definitely opened a lot of them on our toy channel. Now your Splashlings and Mermaids have their own quaint place to call home with this adorable pocket sized treasure, the Dream Time Shell. The Dream Time Shell includes two exclusive Splashlings, and a beautiful mermaid. The set also includes a quaint bedroom set up where you can decorate the room with the included nightstand and cleverly designed table lamp. Your two exclusive Splashlings are all dressed for bed, and will fit perfectly inside their new home.

Your little ones will be able to take their Splashlings friends with them on their own adventures, because the figures included in this set fit snugly inside the shell! This set is perfect for an on the go toy, because when the shell is closed, it will fit in your child's pocket or in a backpack! The Dream Time Shell, and other adorably designed sets all have different themes, so collect them all in order to complete your own aquarium of Splashlings shell mini-rooms! 

With so many different play sets, blind boxes, and now these sweet pocket-sized shells, your Splashings fanatic will be under the sea with enjoyment! 

Our unboxing video will be up shortly for you to get a closer look at these tiny, beautiful treasures. Big thank you to Splashlings for sending us this wonderful set to review.

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