Toy Review and Video: Disney Tsum Tsum Series 10 Party Packs and Tsum Tsum Series 10 Check List (Mystery Packs) Jakks Pacific

Disney Tsum Tsum Series 10 is here, and we could not be more thrilled! Not only do these adorable tsum tsum vinyls made by Jakks Pacific are super adorable, but they are also a celebration of the tenth series of amazing, fun, and tsum-tastic collection of our favorite Disney and Disney Pixar characters! I get comments from our subscribers on YouTube and from our social media followers all the time about how they just started collecting or they've been collecting since the first series! We have been collecting since Series 1, and our first Tsum Tsum vinyl mystery pack was Dumbo, then the second one was Dumbo, and the third one was Dumbo! I was so frustrated that I did not want to buy anymore, but my son who was two at the time always wanted them and those adorable Tsum Tsum plush. Which was your first tsum tsum?

Our Tsum Tsum Fanatic opening his first Tsum Tsum Series 1 Blind Bag in 2015!

Series 10 is just awesome! Let's begin with the party packs or mystery packs. 

There are 12 figures to collect in all, three of which have real, moving wheels! A map of the full case will be updated soon! 

Finally the check list! There are plenty of new additions like Fauna from Sleeping Beauty, Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas, Carl from Up (who is ultra super lucky - good luck finding the blind bag!), and more! My only question is why did Jakks Pacific release another Tsum Tsum vinyl mystery pack with Cinderella? I have questioned in the past why not reimagine a new Dumbo tsum tsum stack pack. I feel like the camera just doesn't make any sense.  

In addition to the new tsum tsum vinyls, another play set will be introduced called Tsum Tails, which features characters from The Little Mermaid, and King Triton's castle! A tsumtastic tsparkly Princess Ariel is also included, along with a bunch of cute headbands! 

Now that Toys R Us is closing their US stores, I am at a serious loss. I was never really able to locate Tsum Tsum vinyl figures at Target or Walmart. Toys R Us was always our go-to place for Tsum Tsum. Jakks Pacific, can you help us out for Series 11 and Series 12? Just thought I'd ask! Haha!

Who is your favorite from the Series 10 Party Packs?

Here is a partial map of an untouched full case. We "felt" a lot of them, so that means if we thought it was a duplicate, we did not open it. 

First Row - left side of box
  1. Carl
  2. Lumpy
  3. Evil Queen
  4. Evil Queen
  5. Hei-hei
  6. Hei-hei - possibly, we did not open it!
  7. Dory
  8. Dory
Second Row - middle of the box
  1. Lumpy - possibly, we did not open it!
  2. Lumpy
  3. Evil Queen
  4. Fauna
  5. Hei-hei
  6. Mater
  7. Ugly Duckling
  8. Ugly Duckling - possibly, we did not open it!
Third Row - right side of box
  1. Gus
  2. Mrs. Potts
  3. Dory - possibly, we did not open it!
  4. Cinderella
  5. ? We did not open it!
  6. Dory
  7. Oogie Boogie
  8. ? We did not open it!

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  1. as a comment to Dumbo coming with a camera, it's from the animated shorts on the Disney Channel... as the tsum tsums are playing, Dumbo takes the pictures cause he can fly!!!